29 Mar 2022

Vitamin C has gained great traction during pandemic and post-pandemic. People worldwide are popping in Vitamin C supplements to keep their immunity strong. Yes, Vitamin C works as a great immunity booster. But, here it is important to note that just popping in the Vitamin C supplements is not enough. It is important to get absorbed as well. We are well aware of the benefits of Vitamin C having antioxidant effects. 

In this blog, we shall tell you about the eye-opening benefits of Vitamin C and also a secret about boosting the Vitamin C absorption in your gut in the right way. Our breakthrough scientific research at AsterVeda Healthcare under the direct expertise of LivOn Labs provides a  Liposomal Technology with Nano-Spheres that helps in the proper absorption of Vitamin C  in your gut. 

Let us tell you about some benefits of Vitamin C supplement and why it is a must-have in your medicine- cabinet? 

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C?

There are many benefits of Vitamin C which are as follows- 

  1. Immunity booster 
  2. Anti-oxidant effects
  3. Anti-inflammatory effect 
  4. Anti-aging effects  and Collagen production 
  5. Muscle recovery and cell regeneration 
  6. Good for skin and hair health 

Immunity Booster 

We have heard quite a lot about boosting immunity post-pandemic especially when Covid cases were on a high rise. Infectious diseases can be contagious. In such cases, it is essential to keep these infections at bay by keeping immunity strong and at its best. Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity levels by making the defensive mechanism strong. 

When we talk about the defensive mechanism, as per research, it is important to stimulate the WBCs or white blood cells which act as soldiers in our body. These WBC can be stimulated with the ingestion of Vitamin C. Once the infection crops in the body, the natural killer cells (NK cells ) get activated. This defensive mechanism is enhanced with the ingestion of Vitamin C supplements.  

Antioxidant Effect

Our body goes through the process of metabolism. Metabolism is the power of converting food into energy. This may lead to the formation of some metabolites or by-products called oxidants. This process is called oxidation. Metabolism and oxidation go hand in hand for the proper functioning of the body. There are oxidants or free radicals produced in the body during the process of metabolism and functioning. This may harm the body. Here, it is essential to introduce an anti-oxidant to nullify the effects of oxidative stress. 

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps in neutralizing these harmful radicals and protects the body. You can control the process of metabolism and oxidation by consuming healthy foods and avoiding oily junk food. Administration of Vitamin C helps in protecting against the damage caused by the free radicals.

Anti-inflammatory Effect 

Stress can cause inflammation in the body. It can cause a negative imbalance in the body. Also, it is important to note the toxicity in the body which can lead to inflammation. There is the secretion of inflammatory mediators which can cause a great impact on the body. To reduce and nullify inflammation in the cells, it is necessary to start with anti-inflammatory supplements which can help the body at the cellular level. 

Vitamin C has great benefits with anti-inflammatory mediators which help in reducing swelling and pain. Yes, inflammation can cause swelling, pain, and temperature rise in the body. Vitamin C helps in reducing inflammation at a cellular level. This will make you less dependent on conventional medicines. Also, it will make you less susceptible and prone to infections and inflammatory-causing conditions. 

Anti-aging Effects & Collagen Production 

Aging is a normal process and everyone has to go through it. Each and every cell in the body has to go through the process of degeneration and regeneration. It is quite normal. Vitamin C helps the body to delay the process of aging and helps in the regeneration of new cells with proper functioning. We cannot defeat aging and time. We cannot reverse aging completely. What best we can do is hasten the process of aging by consuming good and absorbable vitamin C. 

So, get started with the vitamin C supplements at an early age to age gracefully with time.  

When we talk about aging, collagen comes to our mind. Collagen is very much needed for skin, hair, and joints. Vitamin C helps in boosting collagen production. A good combination of protein and vitamin C can be a great combination to boost collagen production naturally. I know, you might be thinking of grabbing your protein powder. Well, if you have been working out for a long time and cannot see any difference in your muscles and joints, it's time to grab your protein shake with some vitamin C supplements regularly. 

Talking about anti-aging benefits, one needs to take care of collagen content in the body. With age, collagen levels decline. Well, there is a piece of evidence for it. Sagging skin, weak joints, and wrinkles are signs of aging. This aging is happening at the cellular level. You can defeat aging with collagen production by coupling up your protein powder with absorbable Vitamin C.

Muscle Recovery and Cell Regeneration 

Exercising is good for your health. But, sometimes we tend to overdo it. In such cases, there is a need for muscle recovery. Your muscles might lose strength with exercising and aging. You might have tried many supplements to regain the stability of muscle. Especially your protein shakes and smoothies. Start with vitamin C supplements which help in the natural recovery of the muscles. With Vitamin C, your muscle is able to metabolize the protein in the right way. 

Muscles need protein and vitamin C helps in the proper absorption of the protein. Muscle soreness and oxidative stress can be overcome by vitamin C. Antioxidants help in assisting the healing process. Vitamin C is the best antioxidant one can opt for. 

Good For Skin And Hair Health 

Vitamin C is great for skin health and keeps skin issues at bay. Not to forget the ability of collagen products which have anti-aging benefits for the skin too. So, get started with vitamin C right away for a radiant glow and even complexion. Yes, vitamin C also helps in even skin tone and keeps the face fuller and healthy. 

Hair is made up of protein and collagen. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of collagen and protein. This helps in maintaining optimum hair health. It strengthens hair, reduces hair loss and this makes hair look voluminous and thicker. Vitamin C can help in the smooth and silky texture of hair. Couple up your Vitamin C supplement with omega 3 fatty acids or vitamin E which helps in giving healthy hair. 

How To Boost Vitamin C Absorption?

We promised you a secret to boosting vitamin C absorption. Well, you can couple it up with an iron supplement and see the difference in the absorption levels of Vitamin C.  If you have gut issues absorbing vitamin C and iron would be difficult. In such cases, switch to an absorbable form of vitamin C which is gut-friendly so you can make the most out of its benefits. Iron uptake helps in vitamin C absorption at the optimum level.