18 Feb 2022

Safety aspects of zeolite

Zeolite is a generic name for a class of crystalline porous compounds of aluminium and silicon that have the capability to exhibit unique therapeutic abilities that make them superb adsorbents, catalysts, and nutrient carriers. This makes them a perfect gut conditioning agent. The zeolite is also used in livestock feed for anti-caking treatment or as a “flow agent”. It absorbs the moisture and keeps the feed well-dry. These alumino-silicate compounds have been proven GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) to consume with zero toxic activity by FDA. But it has also put a lot of restrictions on its usage. 

Zeolite not only contains silicon and aluminium, but is also loaded with various other ions like sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. With all these potential minerals, it becomes a potent mineral-silicate vehicle for feeding essential minerals in our bodies. National Organic Program (NOP) standards allow the dietary supplements and additives to contain certain naturally mined minerals and some synthetics which should be FDA approved. However, the FDA has placed some special restrictions on zeolites use in any form. 

Zeolite is naturally formed, and thousands of tons are mined each year, but still, very few zeolite preparations are synthetic and are not 100% natural forms. So, one must be assured that the zeolite supplement he or she is consuming is a 100% natural dietary supplement

In fact, liquid zeolite formulation can serve better absorption and bioavailability because of the smaller particle size than that of the zeolite powder formulations. Therefore, the smaller particles can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby providing thorough and complete body detoxification including the brain. In comparison to this, bigger particles show poor absorption as well as bioavailability.

Dose recommendations for zeolite supplements for detoxification

In order to get effective detoxification with zeolite, you must go for this supplementation in recommended dosage only. One must go for a thorough consultation with a healthcare practitioner who can analyse the level of toxicity in your body to prescribe the best concentration. With increasing toxicity, dosage levels should also be increased to attain effective results. However, consuming 5 drops thrice daily for health maintenance and 10-20 drops thrice daily for detoxification can provide satisfactory results in the normal body. One must consult a healthcare professional if he/she has or suspects a medical condition or is taking prescription drugs/pregnant/lactating.

Threats associated with zeolite supplements

The two major aspects to be considered while purchasing or consuming zeolite for detoxification i.e. quality of supplement and quantity of consumption. Consuming a poor quality and synthetic zeolite that too with wrong doses can result in very negative outcomes. Let's focus on zeolite dosing. The biggest mistake that people commit with high-quality natural supplements is taking them in too small doses. A small dose of the zeolite may cause an ineffective detox or adverse detox reactions or even redistribution of toxins. 

If one is experiencing certain detox reactions while consuming zeolite, he/she should increase his/her dose immediately with a healthcare expert’s advice.