Aster Ozonated Hair Revive Oil 100ml: The Best Oil for Hair Regrowth

Aster Ozonated Hair Revive Oil 100ml: The Best Oil for Hair Regrowth

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Why this product


Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is an alternative therapeutic procedure in which ozone or ozonides are introduced into the body for curative purposes. It has shown highly promising results when used topically for various hair and scalp related problems.The ozone forms the peptone covering on each hair shaft. This prevents hair damage from external pollutants and other damaging factors. Moreover, this not only stimulates hair follicle growth but also reduces frizziness and improves hair shine. 

 Aster Hair Revive Oil

This ozonated hair oil delivers unique and most advanced natural ozone hair treatment for various hair problems. It is manufactured using 100 % pure active oxygen and numerous natural oils that act synergistically providing one stop solution to all the hair problems. It is free of added chemicals and artificial fragrances. Our product can be the most suitable solution for you if you are looking for the best hair care oil online.


What makes it good
Hair revive oil
  • Suitable Hair Oil For Dandruff

It helps in eliminating the fungal and microbial infection responsible for dandruff issues

  • New Hair Growth, lustre and Softness 

It increases the blood circulation of the scalp and nourishes the hair follicle. This promotes hair growth, lusture, softness and shaft thickening. Moreover, this also helps in preventing their breakage, dryness and frizziness.

  •  Hair Fall and Premature Hair Greying

Ozone molecules promote hair shaft fortification by helping in enhanced nutrient absorption in the scalp and the follicle. This increases the strength of the hair strand and prevents hair fall.

  • Scalp Moisturization

By forming peptone covering on each hair shaft, this oil helps in locking the moisture in shafts and scalp, therefore helps in preventing their dryness.


It delivers active oxygen and ozonides to help in fulfilling the oxygen needs of the hair and scalp. 

What makes it better


  Composition & Nutrient Content

  Narikela Tail (Cocos Nucifera)


  Til Taila (Sesamum Indicum)


  Eranda Taila (Ricinus Communis) 


   Neem Taila (Azadirachta Indica)


  Kapoora (Cinnamomum Camphora)


Special Features 

  • Real Medical Ozone Therapy
  • Enriched with natural oils


How to use
Hair Revive Oil
  • For best results massage our ozonated hair oil daily for 10-15 minutes on your scalp.
  • Make sure that oil reaches the hair roots for best effects

How to store

  • Store this hair revive oil in cool and dry place


" I have been using aster hair revive oil for last 4 months. It really helped me to control my hair fall and made my hair strong and soft. "

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