Dr. Barrie Tan – Founder of Vitamin E tocotrienols

Dr. Barrie Tan is hailed as a pioneer and the world’s first master on tocotrienols vitamin E. A researcher most importantly, Dr. Tan earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry/Biochemistry from the University of Otego, New Zealand and went through quite a while as a teacher at UMass. Dr. Tan has invested in the innovative work of phytonutrients that lessen and moderate ceaseless issue.

Dr. Tan is credited with finding a type of vitamin E called tocotrienol from three noteworthy sources – Palm, Rice and Annatto. Supervisor of two lofty books on tocotrienol and author of the International Tocotrienol Conference, Dr. Tan was named the “Tocotrienol King” by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, an exceptionally regarded and looked for after cardiologist, because of his “examine foundation, sharp learning, and dynamic inclusion in contemplating tocotrienols.”

Dr. Tan has held jobs of Chief Scientific Officer and Scientific Board Member for global associations. His profession incorporates periods working in relationship with the US Armed Forces and a Prince of Thailand. Dr. Tan has effectively propelled numerous organizations in the sustenance business and possesses a variety of licenses and protected innovation, keeping him at the front line of logical development.

He is a universally celebrated and looked for after speaker, having displayed at various regarded meetings in the field including; IFT, ADA, ASN, IHS, A4M, NPA, AACR, ICIM, AOCS, IAOMT, and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Prestigious for his drawing in warmth and charitable funniness, Dr. Tan has additionally been highlighted in exhibit of well known media including the Ben Greenfield and JJ Virgin webcasts.

Dr. Tan is presently the President of American River Nutrition, a characteristic wellbeing R&D organization he began with his better half, Elizabeth, in 1998. Portrayed as a logical pioneer, his central goal is basic; improve the regular strength of individuals’ lives through the thorough utilization of DeltaGold® – the first-since forever without tocopherol tocotrienol item separated from annatto, and the most intense type of nutrient E in presence today.


Nutrient E comprises of 8 separate however related particles: 4 tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta and gamma) and 4 tocotrienols (likewise alpha, beta, delta and gamma). These atoms have somewhat extraordinary concoction structures, yet are altogether viewed as cancer prevention agents.

Here's How They Work

Tocotrienols ensure every single one of our 37 trillion cells from oxidation. Horrible eating routine, smoking and stress are generally instances of things that reason oxidation (the procedure wherein a cell ends up unsteady – think about the tissue of an apple after you take a nibble, it turns darker).

Over 90% of oxidation insurance must originate from either tocotrienols or tocopherols. Tocotrienols are the better decision as they have been appeared to give 40-60 times more assurance than tocopherols, particularly delta-tocotrienols.

Interminable wellbeing conditions come from an excessive amount of oxidation of the cells. Along these lines, as we age, it is essential to enhance with annatto tocotrienol as it is the best known defender of cell wellbeing.

For what reason are tocotrienols so viable?

If you somehow happened to inspect nutrient E under a magnifying instrument you would locate a basic however significant contrast between its two primary particle gatherings, the tocotrienols and the tocopherols. Tocotrienols are littler and increasingly nimble, enabling them to move around the body multiple times quicker than tocopherols. This unfathomable speed and readiness make tocotrienols the prevalent cell reinforcement.

The Broken Vitamin E Promise

Nutrient E is best known for one of its components, alpha-tocopherol. Incidentally, alpha-tocopherol is additionally its least compelling segment as late research has uncovered its sub-par — and even possibly destructive — impacts.

Annatto tocotrienols, then again, have been appeared to do mind boggling things, including bringing down lipids, diminishing aggravation, securing the liver, advancing bone wellbeing, slaughtering malignancy cells, and notwithstanding expanding survival rates in disease patients.

Where do they originate from?

The three principle wellsprings of tocotrienols are rice, palm and annatto, which were all found by Dr. Barrie Tan. The following is an image of the energetic annatto plant, which can be found in tropical territories.

Increment Life Expectancy in Cancer Patients

In 2016, more than 15.5 million living Americans had a background marked by disease, and alarmingly, this number is on the ascent. With such an enormous piece of the populace distressed, it is progressively significant that exploration proceed on the most proficient method to draw out life for many influenced people.

Annatto tocotrienols have been appeared to:

  • convey reliable enemy of tumor benefits
  • upset the fast duplicating of malignant growth cells
  • help chemo medications work much better, particularly in safe and repeating disease cells
  • Advantage repetitive ovarian malignant growth patients.

For certain malignancies, delta-and gamma-tocotrienols contain disease murdering highlights that target disease cells by repressing a key malignant growth advancing protein, NF-KAPPA B. Limiting NF-KAPPA B triggers a procedure known as apoptosis, which makes the malignant growth cells fall to pieces. Moreover, tocotrienols lessen angiogenesis, the procedure tumors use to develop fresh recruits vessels. By cutting this anomalous blood supply, tocotrienol counteracts the progression of supplements the tumors use to fuel their development, basically starving them.

Until this point, tocotrienols’ helpful impacts have been indicated clinically in ovarian and pancreatic disease, and pre-clinically for bosom, prostate, lung, colon, liver, and skin malignancy.

Of all the nutrient E atoms, delta-and gamma-tocotrienols join to tumors most ideally, and, in doing as such, help execute them. They don’t hurt ordinary cells and they have an affinity for atypical ones.

Bolster Cardiovascular Health

The heart pulsates about 2.5 multiple times over a normal lifetime, pushing blood to all aspects of the body and keeping us alive. With such a central, endless assignment, it is basic that this fundamental organ remains as solid as could be expected under the circumstances.

Annatto tocotrienols:

  • lower complete cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides
  • hinder irritation and diminish C-responsive protein (CRP)
  • increment the body’s characteristic cancer prevention agent limit
  • lower pulse
  • improve blood vessel work
  • help relapse atherosclerosis by avoiding the means engaged with plaque arrangement
  • Improve the uprightness and dependability of plaques.

There are two primary supporters of cardiovascular ailment: oxidized cholesterol and aggravation. Tocotrienols address both of these, averting the oxidation of awful (LDL) cholesterol and bringing down its levels by up to 20%, while additionally diminishing aggravation. In one clinical preliminary, tocotrienols decreased high-affectability C-responsive protein (sharp) by as much as 40%! What’s more, if that is insufficient, tocotrienols likewise decrease atherosclerosis by anticipating the means engaged with plaque arrangement and by turning around effectively settled plaques in one clinical preliminary.

Improve Bone Health

As we age, our typical bone reinforcing properties decrease. Despite the fact that osteoporosis keeps on influencing numerous individuals, particularly ladies, finding a way to improve bone wellbeing while we are more youthful can hinder the bone misfortune that is normally connected with the maturing procedure. Discovering strategies to improve bone wellbeing and decrease bone corruption is important to bring down the danger of bone cracks in maturing grown-ups.

Annatto tocotrienols have been appeared to:

  • advance bone turnover rates and abatement bone resorption in clinical preliminaries
  • help increment the substance of calcium in the bone, further supporting bone wellbeing
  • oppose bone misfortune in post-menopausal Osteopenia subjects
  • Lessen oxidative pressure, elevated amounts of which have been connected with osteoporosis movement.

It is outstanding that osteoporosis influences ladies and men lopsidedly, to a great extent because of the oxidative pressure ladies involvement with the extraordinary drop of estrogen during menopause. For this helpless gathering, tocotrienols were clinically appeared to improve bone turnover and reduction bone misfortune. Men can likewise be influenced by osteoporosis and preclinical investigations propose that tocotrienols can avert bone misfortune, increment bone development (even at a hereditary level), and keep up bone quality for this statistic too. Tocotrienols’ capacity to decrease irritation and oxidative pressure enables bone cells to imitate and supports bone redesigning.

Diminish Fat in the Liver

Nonalcoholic greasy liver malady (NAFLD) is a hazardous condition brought about by exorbitant fat stores in the liver. Whenever left untreated, and with the additional affront of constant aggravation, the condition can advance to cirrhosis. The National Institute of Health has confirmed that NAFLD influences eighty to one hundred million Americans, making it a genuine worry for every one of us.

Annatto tocotrienols diminish:

  • both fat and catalysts in the liver
  • irritation of the liver
  • weight and BMI in overweight patients experiencing NAFLD
  • Greasy Liver Index, a scoring framework intelligent of liver fat substance.

Past eating routine and exercise, treatment alternatives for NAFLD are restricted. Nutrient E is one of only a handful couple of enhancements specialists prescribe to patients with greasy liver illness. It is essential to note, at that point, that of all nutrient E structures, delta-and gamma-tocotrienols, are best in mitigating variables related with greasy liver.

Advance Cell Health

Poor cell wellbeing is at the foundation of most constant wellbeing conditions. The normal human body comprises of more than 37 trillion cells, and every single one of those cells needs cancer prevention agent security. Nutrient E is the fundamental cancer prevention agent found in cell dividers, and is impeccably formed to shield the cell dividers’ lipids from oxidation.

Annatto tocotrienols:

  • help keep up cell film uprightness to more readily secure cell capacities
  • shield lipids inside the cell layer from oxidation

Are a 50x more grounded cancer prevention agent than alpha-tocopherol.

What recognizes tocotrienols from your regular nutrient E alpha-tocopherol?

The distinction lies in the “tail” structure of the nutrient E atom. Tocopherols have a more extended tail that grapples profoundly into the film, turns on the bean-molded cell at 1x speed to catch runaway oxygen radicals that stick to the phospholipids of the cell layer. Tocotrienols have a shorter tail that grapples shallowly into the layer, and twists on the bean-formed cell at 50x speed to catch runaway oxygen radicals. Tocopherols and tocotrienols do something very similar, yet tocotrienols mop up the delicate lipid radicals 50x quicker than tocopherols.

Keep Inflammation at Bay

Incessant irritation can cause numerous illnesses, including cardiovascular infection. The conventional perspective on cardiovascular malady partners raised cholesterol with obstructed supply routes. Shockingly, half of patients giving respiratory failures have ordinary cholesterol levels. Today, it is outstanding that aggravation goes about as cholesterol’s unruly accomplice in cardiovascular infection movement and should in this manner be treated in equivalent measure.

Annatto tocotrienols

  • diminish noticeable markers of aggravation, including CRP
  • contain powerful calming properties and emphatically repress provocative reaction
  • advance the capacity of specific cells that obliterate harmed tissue and increment the invulnerable framework’s capacity to battle aggravation
  • straightforwardly square provocative pathways by means of a steroid-like calming instrument

Tocotrienols were appeared to have strong calming properties. This element was most noticeably shown in clinical preliminaries that showed an up to 40% decrease in C-receptive protein. Pre-clinical examinations established that of all the nutrient E structures, delta-tocotrienol has the greatest effect on aggravation. Joining tocotrienols with other calming supplements, for example, B nutrients and polyphenols may yield much more prominent advantages for those experiencing fiery issue.

Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Continuing typical glucose levels is a key factor in keeping up a solid way of life. Not exclusively do ordinary levels help maintain a strategic distance from long haul medical problems; they likewise help avert weight gain while giving a reliable progression of vitality. Tragically, medical issues identified with dissimilar glucose levels are arriving at plague extents, with 10% of the US populace determined to have diabetes. Considerably all the more overwhelming is the quantity of Americans with pre-diabetic metabolic disorder, assessed to be at 35% of U.S. grown-ups. It is clearly a subject that requires further consideration and training.

Annatto tocotrienols:

  • lower triglycerides
  • improve insulin affectability
  • Help the body make and procedure glucose better.

Metabolic disorder reflects the U.S. corpulence scourge, and is portrayed by a bunch of five recognizing markers that incorporate raised triglycerides, pulse, and serum glucose, just as diminished HDL and expanded abdomen outline. Clinical preliminaries demonstrate that tocotrienols improve these markers, making it a fundamental supplement for at any rate 1 out of 3 Americans with metabolic disorder.

Lift Brain Health

It’s a given that solid mind capacity is critical to living a cheerful, sound, and improving life. As we age, our psychological capacities are in danger of decay, which is the reason it is imperative to keep our mind sharp. Nutrient E levels, particularly tocotrienols, may likewise assume a basic job in comprehension, as proposed by scientists at Sweden’s famous Karolinska Institute.


  • give insurance to synapses through their mitigating exercises
  • hinder the handling of a specific protein known to help “fuel” Alzheimer’s illness
  • avoid age-related subjective decay by keeping nerve cells unblemished
  • help clear plaque in the carotid vein, hence lessening the danger of (stroke regularly happens when plaque stores travel upstream and remove the blood supply to part of the mind)
  • Help secure synapses against the delayed consequences of a stroke by clearing poisons from nerve cells. This keeps cells from passing on after a stroke.

Investigations of older populaces uncovered that those with larger amounts of all out tocotrienols had a lower danger of creating intellectual disability and Alzheimer’s sickness. Tocotrienols, in any event, are in this manner a reasonable protection strategy for keeping up sound cerebrum work as we age.

Invert Skin Damage

Given that the skin is the biggest organ of the body and goes about as the primary line of protection against infection, keeping it sound is of most extreme significance. Luckily, investigate demonstrates an unmistakable association between tocotrienol supplementation and skin wellbeing.

Annatto tocotrienols:

  • stifle skin disease
  • decrease the indications of maturing by countering oxidative pressure brought about by sun harm
  • diminish skin cell harm by securing the phone layer
  • help wounds mend speedier by diminishing aggravation and boosting insusceptible reaction
  • lessen hyperpigmentation
  • Shield skin from UV presentation.

Give Radiation Protection

For those presented to radiation, for instance patients experiencing oncologic radiotherapy, it is a genuine and risky difficulty. Fortunately, tocotrienols help shield delicate cells from ruinous ionizing radiation.

The Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI), with an end goal to discover substances to battle possibly deadly wounds acquired by incidental radiation presentation, examined an assortment of promising countermeasure specialists. Delta-and gamma-tocotrienol were among the best radiation countermeasures tried, which may to some extent be because of their powerful cancer prevention agent properties.

AFRRI has approximately twenty distributed examinations on tocotrienols and radiation insurance, including GI tract security, and remobilization of platelets. It is momentous to see that delta-and gamma-tocotrienols can rescue sound cells from extreme ionizing radiation.

Throughout the previous 35 years, Barrie has drenched himself in the realm of nutrient E and is viewed as one of the world’s principal specialists, credited with finding tocotrienol in three noteworthy regular sources – Palm, Rice and Annatto. He is prime supporter, with his significant other, Elizabeth, of American River Nutrition.

His main goal is to convey the most astounding quality nourishing items, in view of sound logical research, to help individual’s live more, more full, more advantageous lives.

Given that the skin is the biggest organ of the body and goes about as the primary line of protection against infection, keeping it sound is of most extreme significance. Luckily, investigate demonstrates an unmistakable association between tocotrienol supplementation and skin wellbeing.

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