04 Feb 2022

One can use colostrum powder in many ways:

The best method to consume colostrum powder is to just toss it in your mouth straightly, chew it, and ingest it just like any other nutritious preparation. If one can take a water sip after taking the powder, it will help in its faster saturation. Some small lumps of colostrum powder may stick to your teeth or gums and may aid in increasing its sublingual absorption. Moreover, it can provide you direct protection against infection-causing agents present in your oral cavity, and throat, where infection usually begins. Also, it accelerates the healing of wounds in the gums, tongue, palate, teeth, esophagus, and throat. 

Using colostrum supplement capsules, tablets, or liquid formulation bypasses all the above-discussed benefits. This does not apply to the newborn because they ingest relatively larger quantities of mother colostrum that too for an extended period of time with huge exposure to oral and esophageal mucosal tissues. 

In fact, the capsular formulations of colostrum provide you delayed benefits as well as bypass the above-mentioned benefits. This is because the capsule keeps floating on the contents of the stomach until it absolutely dissolves in the stomach medium and therefore accomplishes nothing more than the loss of very good benefits described above. To watch its effect, you can put a capsular colostrum formulation in a glass of water and you will observe that it keeps floating until its dissolution happens. Apart from this, various bioactive proteins present in the colostrum are generally resistant to acid attacks that can happen in the stomach. Also, the colostrum gets mixed with saliva in the mouth when taken in powder form, a mucus coating is formed on colostrum ingredients protecting it from degradation caused by stomach acid. Additionally, colostrum is known to contain protease inhibitors which help in protecting it from getting damaged in the gut medium.

Taking colostrum supplements an empty stomach or at least 15 minutes before taking breakfast or dinner provide you the best results. However, this powder can be mixed with other foods to make a smoothie. Though, the usage of these supplements in a quantity less than recommended ones may lower the benefits significantly that are associated with its exposure in the mouth, throat, or esophagus. One can take 1 or 2 teaspoons twice a day. This quantity of consumption is generally recommended by experts. However, as per studies, there is nothing like colostrum overdosing, so one can experiment with higher doses also without harming himself or herself. Many people try higher doses like thrice daily, to speed up healing, boost athletic stamina, or avail anti-aging benefits.