How Tocotrienol is More Beneficial For Healthy Life

Tocotrienol is something that most people are not familiar with, yet they have a large number of benefits for the body. Basically, Tocotrienols are the form of vitamin E is found in cereal brans, such as rice bran, wheat bran, and oat bran. This member of vitamin E plays a very unique role in helping to prevent and to treat conditions such as atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), high cholesterol levels, and even some cancers.

Tocotrienols are mostly found in grains such as rye, barley and oats and a good source of them for daily consumption is virgin crude palm oil. That is a vegetable oil that is trans-fat free that can be used in the preparation of various foods.

According to the research, tocotrienol has lots of benefits for the body; they are known to reduce the likelihood of you suffering from a strain. According to the study show that when taking a tocotrienol supplement, the level of the tocotrienols within the brain increased and there was a higher level of protection against the strokes. 

The second and most important benefit of tocotrienols that was found through human tests that they can reverse arterial blockages. Palm-tocotrienol complex can reverse the blockage in Carotid Stenosis patients. In fact, it has been a natural compound so far to be able to reverse arterial blockages. In order for this to occur, patients have to take 240 milligram of palm-tocotrienol compound daily for a period of up to 36 months only. This should decrease the amount of cholesterol plaque within the carotid artery.

The main and most important benefits of tocotrienols are that they show excellent anti-cancer properties. It is more specifically the palm tocotrienols that have the best benefits and also they usually inhibit breast cancer cells. Whether you have estrogen-responsive or estrogen-non responsive breast cancer cells, Delta-tocotrienol is normally the best form of tocotrienols to induce cancer cell death. They can also deter tumor growth in certain cancers – and Alpha-tocotrienol, as well as Gamma-tocotrienol, has been shown to enhance the life of mice that are suffering from cancer. To put it into perception, Gamma-tocotrienol is three times stronger than tamoxifen when it comes to inhibiting the growth of human breast cancer cultured cells.

Another benefit of Tocotrienol is that which will interact, women, in particular, is that tocotrienols can help with anti-aging. This is because they help to fight free radicals at a moderately fast rate. They can also protect against UV skin damage. If used alongside a good sunscreen, they can help to stop the harmful UV rays from absorbing into the skin. 


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