Minimal Exercise


Minimal Exercise to stay fit


Exercise Activates Your Health

It is said very aptly that if you want to feel better, stay energetic and add quality years to your life then convince yourself to exercise every day. Undoubtedly, the myriad health benefits of exercising and staying physically active are hard to ignore. No matter what age, gender, or disease you are suffering from, a right and light regular exercising schedule serves you the best health. 

For most of us, when someone says cardio or working out, the glimpse of sweat-filled rooms comes to mind. Running out of oxygen, or giving gasping torture to your body is not the exact way out. Such kinds of training fall under the category of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Although HIIT can be beneficial for one's well-being, it’s not something necessary. Another set of workouts that come under the category of Low-Intensity Steady State Training (LISS) is becoming common these days as the best workout method. It is a kind of cardiovascular exercise in which low to moderate intensity aerobics are performed over an extended period, a low-to-moderate intensity for a continued, or often extended time.


What kind of exercise can benefit us?

Health experts say that one must go for exercises of mild to moderate intensity to stay fit. HIIT may make you feel tired, hinder routine activities and impact badly on your performance. Additionally, “rest” is the counter-half of our training. It helps our body to recover for the next session. 
People often consider HIIT as a way of getting the best fitness results in a shorter duration of time by burning maximum calories in a short span. It is said very aptly that “Pushing too hard for too long can backfire”. Let's know more about the LISS cardio that can help you draw the low-intensity training benefits by preventing us from running out of energy:

  • Helps in measured fat burning and weight loss 

Low impact steady-state workouts such as swimming, cycling, yoga, and walking help in improving the body’s ability to use our fats as fuel to generate energy than glycogen which is the requirement of our muscles. Moreover, it plays a vital role in fat distribution. So, you might not be losing the beautiful morphology of your body by burning fat from every part of your body.

  • It is the right workout plan for all 

This kind of workout is suitable for all genders, a larger age group, and even seasonal athletes.

  • Enhances mental wellness and concentration abilities

Exercising is not just the key to a healthy body but a healthy mind also. A low-intensity steady-state training contributes greatly to improving brain function, elevating mood, optimizing blood circulation, controlling the increase of heart rate, and balancing hormone levels. 

  • Supports best body recovery

The low-intensity steady-state exercises allow time to our body for best healing and recovery from any kind of wear and tear that might have occurred while exercising. Moreover, after every workout session, we need a lot of oxygen for our cells for their life longevity. So, such workouts allow our body for relaxation and accurate oxygen distribution in our body cells. 


Best exercising routine for a week

The following workout routine is for ones who do exercise regularly. But if someone has to start, then he/she must begin with little workout sessions first.

Monday: A long low intensity steady run for the distance of around 5 kilometers. This should be your longest run of the week.
Tuesday: Yoga session for around 1 to 1.5 hours. It should be done in the right way like beginning from meditation and ending with energy retaining yoga activities.
Wednesday: Going for cycling or biking in an area with varied slopes for 1-1.5 hours. This should be accompanied by arms and abs exercises.
Thursday: Do swimming again for 1-1.5 hours followed by abs exercises. If someone does not know how to swim, then he/she must go to a low-intensity steady run for around 4 kilometers.
Friday: Fridays should be for leg strengthening exercises. One can go for squatting followed by leg weight training exercises.
Saturday: One must go either for swimming or running after the day of leg exercises. The other option is to go for Zumba or any other dance class.
Sunday: On Sundays one should give rest to his/her body for energizing, recovering, and strengthening it for next week.


Why and how to avoid excess exercise?

Some studies have recently shed light on the adverse effects of over-exercising. It has been proven that certain biochemical reactions causing muscle pain and fatigue take place in our bodies when we work out limitlessly. Health experts say that one must go for exercises of mild to moderate intensity to stay fit. Overtraining may make you feel tired, hinder routine activities and impact badly on your performance. Additionally, rest is the counter-half of training. It helps your body to recover for the next session. 

The most convenient method to avoid overdoing exercise is to listen to your body and take sufficient rest. Other ways to ensure safe exercising are:

  • Take enough calories and nutrients like vitamin B complex, acetyl L carnitine, and alpha lipoic acid according to your level of exercise.
  • Decrease your excessively exhaustive sessions before any competition to display your best performance
  • Drink plenty of water along with a balanced diet while following any workout routine.
  • Ensure 8 hours of sound sleep every night.
  • Avoid exercising in extreme weather conditions.
  • Avoid or cut back on workouts when you do not feel well or are under extreme work stress.
  • Schedule at least 6 hours of rest after every exercise session. 
  • Keep one day off a week to let your body recover.


Role of taking dietary supplements along with exercising

Our exercising will not benefit us much if we are not following a healthy eating routine properly. Dietary supplements can help to improve our strength and endurance in our journey to achieve set performance goals. A well-balanced nutrition plan and a well-structured & thought-out workout plan together can help you to make excellent progress irrespective of your goal which can be fat loss or muscle strengthening. Without giving proper nutrition to your muscles, your exercising may result in reverse consequences like muscle weakening. One must energize his/her body first before setting any goal for workouts. Moreover, one can consume dietary supplements for immunity and detoxification which are equally important as body strengthening for healthy living.
If you want to enhance your exercise stamina or athletic performance then you must choose 100% natural Acetyl L Carnitine, vitamin B complex, and alpha lipoic acid supplements. These nutrients can help in even losing weight in the best and healthy manner.


Summing Up

Here, a saying fits very aptly, “ Eat Right Live Well”. It means having the right eating to live well is equally important as regular exercising. Exercising is undoubtedly a one-stop solution to naturally cure many health issues by stimulating the body's healing and recovering response naturally. Give a thought and stop binging on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), as slowing down (LISS) can help you to give a better start to another day session with great freshness and reinvigoration.