Asterveda Aster Rapid Heal Oil 100ml


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Aster rapid heal oil is an ozonated therapy-based oil. This oil has Ozone therapy, is considered a completely natural form of an Ozone treatment to overcome several medical ailments. It involves supplying enough active oxygen or Ozone to the human body for its better functioning. Aster Rapid heal oil helps in providing instant action against chronic, fungus, or bacterial infections. Aster rapid heal oil is made up of ozone oils and other natural ingredients. Adjunctive to any other therapy. Can be used for curing dandruff as well.

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BENEFITS- Aster Rapid Heal Oil contains Medical Ozone Therapy which helps in curing skin diseases, cold sores, Jock itch and also helpful in Toe fungus. Helps in providing instant relief in Resistant Infections. Aster Rapid Heal Oil also helpful in Burns, Eczemas & Psoriasis, dental & dermatological uses

OZONE THERAPY- This oil has Ozone therapy, is a complete natural form of Ozone therapy treatment, which is helpful in several medical ailments. Ozone therapy stimulates healing of the wounds. Ozone therapy is known to be an excellent disinfectant. Aster rapid heal oil is comprised of ozone oils and other natural ingredients.

MULTIPLE USES- Reduces skin itching and treat a wide variety of skin problems. Aster rapid heal oil on the skin may promote rapid skin healing. Helpful in Burns, Eczemas & Psoriasis. This oil can be used for general rejuvation and well-being.

DIRECTIONS- Affected area should be cleaned with water & then Apply generously on the affected area at least 2-3 times a day for faster relief. Applications close to the eyes must be avoided.

ORGANIC AND NATURAL: Contains no preservatives or chemical additives. Safe to use.

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