Qunol – Ubiquinol Active


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#1 Cardiologist Recommended Form of CoQ10*
Essential for Cellular Energy Production
Qunol Ubiquinol for Heart Health
A Powerful All-Natural Antioxidant
Beneficial for Statin Users2



Qunol Ubiquinol, 100 mg, 120 Count– the Active Form of CoQ10 #1 Cardiologist Recommended Form of CoQ10* Studies show that when we are young, our bodies synthesize CoQ10 well, converting it readily to Ubiquinol. But as we get older, the body’s ability to convert CoQ10 to Ubiquinol diminishes. This means that as we age, CoQ10 supplements may become less effective. Our Extra Strength Qunol Ubiquinol is different from other CoQ10 supplements. It contains CoQ10 that has already been converted to its antioxidant form, Ubiquinol – the form that fights excess free radicals and can help protect the body’s cells from damage. Qunol Ubiquinol for Heart Health Qunol Ubiquinol is a safe and natural way to support heart health. Your heart, which needs a constant supply of energy, has the highest concentration of Ubiquinol of all the tissues in your body. Supplementation with Ubiquinol has been shown to improve oxygen utilization and energy production in heart muscle cells. Ubiquinol may also support the health of vessel walls and can play a vital role in helping you to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.1, Beneficial for Statin Users2 Many people take statin medications for their effectiveness in lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and protecting against heart problems. However, they have also been shown to lower Ubiquinol levels. Regular supplementation with Qunol Ubiquinol can help statin users to maintain optimum Ubiquinol levels.

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