Import and Export of Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Finished Product. We help in Importing & Exporting Pharmaceutical products in & out of India. We also provide them compliance services at every step from import license to all documentation . Distributor for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare products and wellness products. We also provide services to all Indian and Foreign companies for all 31 states in India to Distribution goods Local wholesaler and Retailer level at reasonable cost. Fssai Licencing and IPR services for New Brands in India
  1. Product Approval
  2. Label Approval
  3. Import Requirements
  4. IPR filing
Product Branding and Development in India from Idea to Digital Design Packaging design,Label design, Branding Idea, Marketing Idea,Promotion Idea For India and Canada
  1. NPN Product Registration in Canada
  2. GMP Storage and Distribution services in India and Canada
  3. Distribution Solutions in India and Canada
  4. After sales and before sales services
Online Marketing and SEO for Brands in India and Canada Physical Marketing in India through our network of 4000 distributors Daily dosage 15 gram Rta Recommended Dietary Allowance
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