18 Apr 2022

Healthcare is gaining momentum post-pandemic and so are nutraceuticals.  People are understanding the importance of health worldwide. They are switching toward a healthy lifestyle and doing everything to stay healthy. The covid pandemic has taught us many lessons in regard to health. We cannot deny some health facts, especially in terms of the number of deaths of people who had fallen prey to this covid infection. 

People are turning to all protective measures right from masks, and sanitizers to nutraceuticals. Yes, this domain of nutraceuticals has left no stone unturned in terms of preventative measures. This segment has always been on the high rise and has witnessed accelerated growth post-covid. The need for these supplements is ever-rising. In search of the best nutraceuticals, many of us turn to the easiest resource which is the internet. I am sure if you have hit this blog today, you are too in search of the best health nutraceutical supplement with top benefits for you and your health. 

What Are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are dietary supplements derived from food sources to meet nutritional needs. It provides many health benefits including preventative healthcare. The term “ Nutraceutical” was introduced in the year 1980 by Stephen Defelice- Founder & Chairman of the Foundation of Innovation in Medicine located in Cranford, New Jersey.  It's use began 3000+ years ago when Hippocrates- The Father of Modern Medicine described the relation between food and health. 

Why Are Nutraceuticals Important?

Most diseases are treated with the right food consumed at the right time. But sometimes, due to our erratic lifestyle and modern living, we do not get time to focus on our dietary needs. In such cases, it is advisable to supplement your body with “Nutraceuticals” to meet your daily nutritional needs and stay healthy all the time. 

Today,  Nutraceuticals have come a long way and evolved from the basic traditional multivitamin to exclusive high-quality, science-backed up, and clinically proven supplements. I am sure you are looking forward to upcoming scientific-based supplements which are gaining popularity these days. Keep up with your supplement with the new innovative nutraceuticals. If you are still on traditional multivitamins for years, it's time to change. Know why? You might have turned resistant to the conventional multivitamin tablet which you are popping daily with no benefits. 

Let us explore the new benefits of Nutraceuticals which are scientific, modern, and ever changing with new technology in the healthcare domain.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Nutraceuticals 

  1. Anti-oxidant effects 
  2. Anti-inflammatory effects 
  3. Anti-aging effect 
  4. Improves metabolism 
  5. Holistic approach 
  6. Keep diseases and infections at bay 
  7. Avoid chronic healthcare issues 
  8. Works at the cellular level 
  9. Helps improve the immune function 
  10. Increases energy levels and body functioning. 

Let's take a glance into each one of them - 

Anti-oxidant effects 

Antioxidants are one of the most important supplements which your body needs round the clock. The body goes through a process called metabolism which gives you power and energy to function from foods. Along with this power, some by-products are produced from the oxidants through the process of oxidation. This produces harmful free radicals in the body which can build up and cause an increase in toxicity. 

When we talk about antioxidants, the traditional Dr. Reddy’s Antioxidant small caplets come to our mind. With modern health expertise and scientific innovation, apart from these, Vitamin C and Glutathione supplements are master antioxidants. We will provide you with information on top antioxidants for the year 2022. Some upcoming brands which need to be highlighted for antioxidants are as follows:

  • BodyFirst Glutathione Antioxidant Supplement
  • NUTROVA Collagen+Antioxidants Supplement
  • WeVitamin Nutro-12 Formula
  • Fast & Up Charge Vitamin C Antioxidants Supplement
  • AsterVeda Healthcare Vitamin C Supplement 
  • VITAWIN Acai Berry Capsules
  • BodyFirst Astaxanthin Natural Super Antioxidant
  • Himalayan Organics Antioxidant for Skin
  • HealthKart HK Vitals Glutathione with Vitamin C & E
  • Mirayaahs Vitamin C, B12 & Zinc Antioxidant Supplements 

Anti-inflammatory effects 

With oxidation and metabolism, there may be inflammation in the body. Here, there is a need to keep your nutrition levels high with nutraceuticals that provide an anti-inflammatory effect. You are right, inflammation in the body causes pain and how many painkillers are you going to pop into your body. Well, nutraceuticals cannot replace painkillers but reduce the dependency on painkillers. As per research, some supplements to look out for are -

  • Curcumin extract from the turmeric 
  • Rosehip natural plant-based supplement

Let us explore some brands of anti-inflammatory supplements-

Turmeric is an Indian spice. We, in India, are the best producers of curcumin supplements. Curcumin is the active constituent of turmeric and its pure extract helps to relieve pain. AsterVeda Healthcare is one of the brands in India producing the liquid and soft gel form of the purest form of Curcumin extract from Tumeric. Liquid supplements are gut-friendly and get absorbed at a faster rate. 

Anti-aging effect 

Our skin and hair are the most important part of our body. Your internal system is reflected in your skin and hair. If your skin and hair are aging, there are high chances that your internal system is aging. As per the study, switching to nutraceuticals like antioxidants can help in reducing aging effects. 

Improves metabolism 

Nutraceuticals help improve the digestive power and the absorption power of the body. A good metabolism is key to good health.

Holistic approach 

With good supplements, you can achieve good health. Good health is not just about a healthy body but about a sound mind. If you are diseased or in pain, it will disturb your mind and affect your productivity. Good Quality Supplements work for each and every system of the body to keep you healthy. Now, the question arises which supplement brand should I invest in? Well, there ate a couple of brands in the healthcare industry these days that are gaining popularity:

  • Amway Nutrilite 
  • Optimum Health 
  • AsterVeda Healthcare 
  • Herbalife 
  • Inlife 

Keep diseases and infections at bay 

A healthy body will always be away from any infections and diseases. Yes, that is true. You can stay healthy forever without any trips to the hospital.

Avoid chronic healthcare issues 

If you are suffering from chronic healthcare issues, supplements are the best source to improve and eventually cure your problem. Well, chronic infections are recurrent infections. The major examples are - Chronic cough and cold or maybe a fungal infection… falling ill again and again. You can definitely improve in terms of frequency by popping a good quality supplement. 

Works at the cellular level 

Medicines work on bacteria, infections, or health issues. They may damage healthy cells too. You need some kind of medicine for the healthy cell. Well, here the best medicine for a healthy cell is Nutrition. This can be supplied with nutraceuticals.

Helps improve the immune function 

The immune system is the defensive mechanism of the body and is very important for health. Supplements and nutraceuticals are the best natural sources to keep immunity strong. 

Increases energy levels and body functioning

Nutraceuticals and supplements are great to keep your motivation and your energy levels high. Being positive will help enhance body functioning and vice versa. 

So, get started today and start investing in good-quality supplements. Bring about a change in your health and personality.