10 Feb 2022

What are tocotrienols?

Tocotrienols are the biochemicals belonging to the family of vitamin E. It plays a very vital role in proper brain and body functioning. Just like tocopherols, tocotrienols are also present in nature in four sub-forms i.e. alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. This natural therapeutic treasure is abundantly present in annatto beans (100% tocotrienols), palm fruit, oils of rice bran, barley, and wheat germ. Tocopherols, the other vitamin E form, can be found naturally in vegetable oils like olive, and safflower oils. Even whole grains and green leafy vegetables are also rich sources of tocopherols. 

It is very clear that our daily diet can provide us with tocopherols in a sufficient quantity. Therefore, its supplementation is futile. On the other hand, tocotrienols are more therapeutically competent than tocopherols and are very scantily present in our daily diet. So, its supplementation becomes very necessary because being structurally superior to tocopherols, it can provide enhanced health benefits and bioavailability. The most desirable benefits include enhancement of brain health and functionality, cholesterol-lowering action, antioxidant action (free-radical neutralising activity), and anti-cancer effects depending upon its nutrient dosage (Table 1).

Following are some more superb effects associated with the consumption of tocotrienols:

Improving bone health as well as fracture healing
As per research, postmenopausal women suffering from osteoporosis can consume tocotrienols for the bone-strengthening and speedy healing of the bone fractures than other ordinary vitamin-E based supplements.

Promote neuroprotective actions
Research suggests that tocotrienols easily and quickly reach the brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier, where they may protect a large number of neurons from the attack of free radicals, thereby improving brain health and its functioning.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease 
It promotes cardiovascular health by lowering blood cholesterol levels naturally to a large extent. Tocotrienols are known to slow down the plaque buildup in the arteries very effectively.

Promotes liver health
By lowering the blood cholesterol levels, this form of vitamin E promotes the health of our liver cells. However, this helps in preventing diseases like fatty liver (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease).

Suppresses inflammation
By reducing the number of inflammatory markers, it helps in suppressing chronic inflammations very effectively. 



Daily Tocotrienol Recommended Dosage*

Supplements that complement tocotrienol


250 mg

CoQ10, Omega-3 fatty acids, 

Alpha-lipoic acid, Curcumin, 


High Lipids

250 mg

Niacin, Omega-3 fatty acids, 

Psyllium, Red yeast rice


250 mg

CoQ10, Omega-3 fatty acids, 

Glucosamine, Chondroitin


400-900 mg

Vitamins C, D, Selenium, B complex

Cardiovascular Diseases & Mets

250 mg

CoQ10, Omega-3 fatty acids, 

Magnesium, Resveratrol, Red yeast 

rice, 4, 7

Eye Health (Retinal Neurodegeneration Diseases/Diabetic Neuropathy)

0.03% TRF

Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Omega-3 fatty 

acids, Vitamins A, C, Zinc

Immune System 

400 mg

Zinc, Vitamins B6, B12, C, D

Bone Health

300 mg

Vitamins D, Calcium 

Alzheimer’s brain health

350 mg

Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins B12 

and C, Resveratrol, Alpha-GPC**


250 mg

Vitamin D

Skin Health

250 mg

Vitamins A, C, Zinc, Selenium

Radiation Damage

400-600 mg

Iodine, Genistein

NAFLD “Fatty Liver”

600 mg

CoQ10, Omega-3, Methionine, 


Diabetes with Hyperlipidemia


Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, selenium, carotenoids

Bone Fractures, Post-menopausal Osteopnea, & Osteoporosis

300 mg

Vitamins D, Calcium 


Table 1