17 Feb 2022

What is zeolite?

Zeolites are mineral compounds that majorly comprise hydrated aluminium and silicon. These compounds have diverse applications in varied areas including the health therapeutic sector. Zeolite is a dietary supplement that is generally taken to help in treating diarrhoea, autism, herpes, hangovers, balancing gut pH, minimising oxidative stress (antioxidant action), and eliminating heavy metals from the body (detoxification).

Studies Supporting Therapeutic Efficiency of Zeolite

Some studies suggest that zeolite might play a positive role in the therapeutic world as an external hemostatic agent for dressing traumatic injuries. It is said to have the potential for aiding controlled drug delivery in certain cases. Moreover, it can be used as a suspending agent por various therapeutic preparations. Its use in hemodialysis and cardiopulmonary procedures has been suggested by various studies. 

A pilot study that was sponsored by a manufacturer of a proprietary zeolite supplement (oral) for immunodeficient individuals suggested certain immunomodulatory activity of zeolite in those patients. Moreover, as an adjunct therapy to the standard treatment modality, a zeolite helped in relieving diarrhoea associated with certain neuroendocrine tumours. However, these claims were not validated by any other additional studies. 

In a study done on Alzheimer-stricken mice, zeolite very potentially reduced oxidative damage and suppressed plaque generation. Other animal studies suggest that zeolite has anticancer activity against proliferating cancer cells especially in ameliorate malignant mesothelioma mainly caused by asbestos toxicity. However, these findings are also not supported by any further research. Currently, no clinical studies for considering zeolite as a cancer treatment in humans have been published.

What are the therapeutic uses of Zeolites?

  • It may help in treating diarrhoea as it has a high potential to rectify the water absorption and balance gut pH. By enhancing nutrient absorption and showing an anti-diarrheic behaviour, it helps in optimising digestion and conditioning gut functioning.
  • Zeolite may aid in treating autism, herpes, and hangover. It also helps in balancing pH and detoxification by helping in the elimination of heavy metals from the body.
  • It helps in stimulating the various immune responses. It helps in providing natural immunity to the body by aiding the elimination of various disease-causing agents from the body. It also helps in inhibiting the virus replication in our body.
  • It is a positively charged compound and strongly attracts negatively charged damaging free radicals. Hence, it helps in protecting the cell membranes of cells of various body organs.
  • It naturally cleanses our gut by binding to various toxins, pollutants & heavy metals and aiding their elimination out of our body. These harmful agents can be lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, herbicides, and pesticides. 
  • It helps in healing wounds naturally by increasing the oxygen levels in blood, thereby speeding up the wound healing activity in the body.

In what conditions zeolite should not be taken?

  • If an individual is taking any medications, zeolites may potentially bind with such medications and neutralise acid in the gut, thereby causing its poor absorption and less effectiveness.
  • Zeolite in transplant patients who are on certain drugs can suppress the immune system and may induce organ rejection.
  • Zeolites may interfere with the actions of various chemo drugs due to its antioxidant potential
  • It may decrease the effectiveness of antibiotics or iron preparations in our body.
  • Direct application of zeolite to eyes or ears should be strictly avoided.