16 Mar 2022

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a painful condition that develops due to the inflammation and stiffness in the affected joints of fingers, toes, wrists, elbows, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, or ankles. In such conditions, the main motive of the palliative treatment is relieving these symptoms as early as possible. Various studies suggest that ozone therapy can be the most effective treatment to relieve the arthritis symptoms rapidly. The application of ozonated pain relief oils can minimise the pain and suppress the inflammations along with strengthening the immune responses. In this way, therapies using ozonated oils can improve the quality of life of an arthritis patient with least side effects.

How Does Ozone Therapy Help In Relieving Pain And Inflammation?

Ozone therapy can be done by applying and massaging the ozonated pain relief oils at the affected site. This can provide you instant relief by getting absorbed quickly and penetrating deeply into structures deep beneath the skin, thereby reducing the swelling and associated pain. It is said that it strengthens the self-healing activity in the affected cells, tissues, muscles, bones, and joints. Moreover, the advanced technology of ozone incorporation in natural pain-relieving oils aids the better absorption of such oils. 

Various studies suggest that most pathologies like muscle wasting arise due to lack of oxygen in the blood and this condition is called Hypoxia. The oxygen-ozone therapy fulfils the oxygen requirement of the localised region, thereby treating the cause behind the condition and producing the following effects:

Ozone Therapy
  • Suppressing inflammation by reducing the count of inflammatory markers
  • Minimising the pain 
  • Optimising the blood circulation of the affected area
  • Improving the rate of tissue repair

Benefits Of Ozone Therapy For Pain Relief

Ozone therapy is a technique of applying a concentration of oxygen and ozone at the affected area. The compound gets rapidly absorbed in the body and comes in contact with the certain other molecules, generating a situation of temporary localised acute oxidative stress which can produce following benefits:

  • Improves the tissue oxygenation by enhancing oxygen transport capacity.
  • Promotes antiplatelet action
  • Improves the body’s internal antioxidant activity
  • Incomparable bactericidal and disinfectant action
  • Strengthens the immune responses, thereby effectively combating the infections and autoimmune diseases
  • Aids faster recovery 
  • Ozone therapy has negligible side effects or interactions with other drugs