11 Apr 2022

When it comes to our health, we want the best. And why not? “Health is Wealth.” We all abide by this quote. After the covid scenario, the majority of the people are turning toward a healthy lifestyle to protect their health. From children to the elderly age group, everyone is focused on a healthy life post-pandemic. Yes, the covid pandemic has taught us to take care of our health. 

With covid pandemic, came a rush and gush of healthcare products and medicines. From the mask to immunity boosters, the healthcare industry was flooded with many products. One such healthcare product which gained attraction is DIETARY HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS

The healthcare domain is a major attraction for everyone worldwide. Whether it's pre or post-pandemic, healthcare should always be given top priority. The best way to keep in the correct state of health is by taking natural health supplements. Let us tell you everything you need to know about dietary health supplements in this article. We shall also reveal the best natural dietary health supplement which you should use this year in 2022. 

What is a Dietary Health Supplement?

As per the dictionary, supplement means “to add something to complete,” whereas “Dietary health supplement” means healthcare products that contain one or more nutrients and ingredients that are intended to be added to one's diet which cannot be met through food. Health supplements are coupled with a healthy diet to boost body health from within. Taking natural health supplements helps in being healthy in long term. 

What is the content, ingredients, and form of a dietary health supplement?

Your dietary health supplement can contain one or more vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to consume a single vitamin-based supplement coupled with multiple-based supplements which increases the absorption power. 

Let us give you a perfect example of a Vitamin C supplement. Did you know that the Vitamin C supplement is best absorbed when taken with an iron supplement? As per research, the Vitamin C absorption rate is increased with supercharged iron.

Similarly, as per a study, choline forms an important constituent of neurotransmitters that help in penetrating each and every cell of the body. Thus, make sure your supplements contain some amount of choline for better absorption into the cells. 

Best ingredients of dietary health supplements to choose-

Choose the right source of health supplements. Check the supplements facts or ingredient list of the health supplement before you kickstart to pop it for health. Yes, this is very important. From this aspect, you can come to know the ingredients are- 

  • Naturally sourced ingredients 
  • Artificial sourced ingredients 

Naturally sourced ingredients are worth investing in for health as compared to artificial sourced ingredients. 

Best Form of Dietary health supplement to choose from-

This dietary health supplement can be in the form of tablets, capsules, caplets, powders, dilutions, or liquids. 

We, At AsterVeda Healthcare, are going to provide you with eyeopener information that will help absorb the supplements better. This will definitely help you make the right choice of supplements.

Powder OR Liquid> Capsules>Caplets>Tablets 

The powders and liquid supplements are gut-friendly and easy to absorb and assimilate too. Whereas, the tablet, capsules, and caplets are comparatively difficult to absorb as it has to be broken down in the gut. Here, it is important to note that capsules are faster as compared to tablets.

What makes  AsterVeda Healthcare the best dietary health supplement of choice for Wellness?

AsterVeda Healthcare provides quality care with composition and the best form of supplements. Let's take a sneak peek into the core aspects of it's natural health supplements.

1. Superior content of health supplement - HIGH POTENT FORMULA 

Our natural health supplements are superior in content when it comes to the quality of supplements. They are not just highly quantifiable supplements but highly qualitative as well. It has been a proven supplement with highly potent ingredients which make it superior in content. The potency of the supplements make them superior in quality and content. It's just not high dosage formula but HIGH POTENT FORMULA.

2. Clinically proven and medically tested - HIGHER EFFICACY 

Our healthcare supplements are clinically proven and medically tested to show faster and more effective results in a short duration of time, and accredited to be one of the best supplements. We promise you higher efficacy of supplements for your health. The efficacy of the supplement is very important to get your desired results. 

3. Latest scientific innovation and technology - SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION

Our dietary health supplements are built with the latest technology to bring about a scientific revolution. Backed up by scientific and clinical trials, we have added the latest technology to improve the efficacy, potency, and absorption of the supplements. 

4. Preventative healthcare - SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS

Conventional supplements have traditionally been used for years. The world has seen many changes setting in with new diseases and infections cropping up daily. Not to forget, the pandemic left us with many unanswered questions. 
Our believes in finding scientific solutions for health care. Taking it as an alternative and preventive therapy, you can definitely defeat the progression of disease and complications too. 

5. High absorption and increase in bioavailability - BEST ASSIMILATION 

Based on scientific research, our healthcare products are made up of gut-friendly supplements which are easily absorbed and assimilated into the body to help you make the most out of it. We do not believe in just popping supplements with no benefits. We believe in quality care when it comes to health. With a passion for healthcare,  we aim at providing dietary health supplements with the best quality and scientific innovation.

6. Natural sources of ingredient - AUTHENTIC SOURCES 

Our organic dietary supplements have naturally sourced ingredients that are formulated with scientifically proven results.  The source of the supplement is natural, authentic, and genuine which makes it stand apart from conventional supplements. 

7. Diverse healthcare products -UNITY IN DIVERSITY 

We provide a wide variety of natural health supplements. With a diverse range of products, it makes it a point to cover all the needs of vitamins and minerals in the body which are not available through food. 

8. Works at the cellular level- CELLULAR STIMULATION

We believe that one supplement can affect all the systems of the body. Our healthcare supplements work on each and every cell of the body and stimulate the mitochondria of the cells. The mitochondria are the “POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL.” It has the ability to penetrate the cells and provide the needed energy through vitamins and minerals. 

9. Works and provides benefits to all the systems of the body- HOLISTIC APPROACH 

When we talk about the body, we cover all the systems of the body. The heart, brain, gastrointestinal system, musculoskeletal, respiratory system, and circulatory system of the body are major systems of the body that are required for functioning. All these systems are interrelated to each other. AsterVeda Healthcare provides a holistic approach to cover each and every aspect of the body. 

10. Stimulates the body's natural immunity  - NATURAL VITALITY POWER

The brain and the heart are very important organs of the body. They are interrelated for the effective functioning of the body. Our dietary supplements stimulate the immune systems of the body for the proper functioning of the heart and brain. A healthy immune system will help produce natural healing power and natural coping mechanisms. 

Make the right choice today when it comes to health. Switch to AsterVeda Healthcare right away for the endless benefits for health. 

Remember, Your health is your investment, do not make it an expense by ignoring it. Yes, ignoring your preventive health today will lead to more healthcare expenses in the future. Not just expense, the complications of health problems will be more difficult to deal with. 

Invest in your health today with AsterVeda Healthcare. Because the best investment you ever make is your own health.

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