25 Apr 2022

Women’s health is not just important for her but also for her entire family. Truly, a woman is the backbone of the family. When it comes to women’s well-being, it's just not about their physical well-being but also about their mental well-being. The women are generally seen working from pillar to post, day in and out looking into their personal and professional lives. Many times, it's difficult for women to pay attention to their health. To boost your productivity, it is important to focus on health for a better life. 

Right from bringing daughters, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers, women have various phases of life. They need good health to perform their duties and commitments to stay healthy. There are many phases in a women’s life - 


Being a baby, a mother takes care of the kid’s wellness. A baby girl needs the full support of her mother. In such cases, it is important to take care of a mother’s health equally along with the child. As the girl grows, she understands her physical and mental well-being be it at school, at home, or playing. A positive environment is a must for the emotional growth of every child. 


A teenage girl is open to a new chapter of her life. As she enters adolescence and teens, she experiences her first menses. This may welcome new hormonal changes and mental changes in the mind of teenage girls. It is important to focus on her mental well-being and overall health. 

Adult- Reproductive Age 

Reproductive age generally starts from 18 - 30 when there is emotional turmoil of hormones in the body that affect the mind. The reproductive age problems in women may give rise to PCOS or thyroid or may be as simple as STRESS, which may affect mental well-being. And, let us not forget the PMS mood surges and swings which may rule over girls and women. Women’s health must be given top priority at this phase of life. 

Adult - Pregnancy

The hush and rush of the pregnancy hormones can cause major mood swings in pregnant ladies which may affect their health. With the joy of welcoming a baby and anxiety about pregnancy, there is a sense of mixed emotions during pregnancy. Pregnancy needs special attention and women’s health comes before anything else in the family. 

Adult Elderly Age 

This is a phase of life that begins at 50 when menopause set in leading to aging. It causes depression, health concerns, insecurity, and future concerns. With low oestrogen levels, it is difficult to deal with this phase.

So, get ready to know how to deal with each and every phase of women’s life by keeping their emotional and mental well-being in a healthy state and at its best. 

So, let us get started with 10 tips for women’s mental health 

10 Healthy Tips for Women’s Mental Well Being 

  1. Practice Mindfulness - Live in the present moment 
  2. Exercise and Yoga can help 
  3. Healthy lifestyle- Eat well at the correct time
  4. Self-care and self-love
  5. Destress and relax 
  6. Detox 
  7. Practice “Me- time” 
  8. Hydration is important 
  9. Antioxidants in must 
  10. Choose good quality supplements

Let us take a quick look at how to boost women’s mental health for overall well-being. 

  • Practice Mindfulness - Live in the present moment

“Live in the present moment.” This is very important to forget about the past and move ahead for a healthy future. Thinking about the past will just create more worries, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can cause negative effects on physical and mental well-being. Stay positive and leave the past behind to embrace a healthy lifestyle. This is very important for women’s mental well-being. 

  • Exercise and Yoga can help 

Did you know exercise and yoga are great stress busters? All of us go through stress. It's a natural process. How you deal with stress and cope with it is important. Stress releases stress hormones called cortisol which is inflammatory in nature and can cause negative effects on the body right from hormonal imbalance to inflammation. Exercise and yoga release the “feel-good hormones” which help in maintaining a healthy body. 

  • Healthy lifestyle- Eat well at the correct time

Follow the mantra- "Eat Right Live Well" to live a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to consume all micronutrients and macro-nutrients from healthy foods which helps in giving you a healthy body and mind. Nutrients are required by each and every cell of the body for better functioning. This will stimulate overall health and women’s well-being. 

  • Self-care and self-love

Self-care and self-love are important aspects to judge the parameter of healthy well-being. Make sure to give attention to yourself. If you like watching yourself in the mirror and admiring yourself, you are on the right track for women’s mental wellbeing. This clearly means that you love yourself. 

  • Destress and relax 

If you get tensed up for petty things, it's time to change. “Tension” and “stress” are not good for your body. It creates a negative impact on your body. It increases the inflammatory response and lowers the immune system. This is an invite to many physical and mental health issues. It may start with stress and lead to chronic stress syndrome causing depression and anxiety. Stay alert if your stress levels are increasing in the body. 

  • Detox 

It is important to eliminate the toxins from your body. Make sure to detox your body once in 15 days to avoid the toxic build-up. This will revitalise and rejuvenate your cells from within. A toxic-free body is capable of absorbing more nutrients which is vital for your mental health. A good blood flow to the brain will help improve your thinking and concentration power. Supplements like colloidal silver and zeolite liquid helps in detoxification.

  • Practice “Me- time” 

Take out some leisure time for yourself from your busy schedule. Grab a cup of coffee or maybe make a healthier choice with green tea for a healthy mind and body. Practising some “ME- Time '' can be a great idea for boosting your energy levels and keeping you healthy for new opportunities in life. This will keep the women’s well-being in the correct state of health.

  • Hydration is important 

Hydration is a must for your body. Drinking plenty of water with hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables is a great way to replenish its nutrients and keep your mind alert and healthy. Make sure to opt for fruits and vegetables which are hydrating in nature instead of fruit juice and vegetable juices. The wholesome fruits and vegetables have more fibre and fruit content which helps in the proper elimination of toxins. 

  • Antioxidants in must 

Make sure to choose fruits and vegetables which have high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are a must to help reduce the by-products of metabolism and nullify the effects of harmful free radicals. You can opt for antioxidant supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Colloidal Silver, and Zeolites Minerals which is a great way to boost antioxidant levels in your body. 

  • Choose good quality supplements

Make sure to consume a good quality health supplement daily especially after the age of 30 to meet all the nutritional requirements of the body. Sometimes, there are certain nutrients in food that are very important for your body. Their absorption levels may get hampered. Make sure to include healthy nutrients for a healthy mind and body. Good quality supplements which are best absorbable are great to support the overall women’s well-being and health. 

So, start incorporating these healthy practices into your daily life. Physical and mental health are related to each other. A healthy positive mind with a healthy body gives you a healthy future and lifestyle. Get started now and pay close attention to your mind and body and see the difference. Healthy mental well-being is important for optimum health. Once you get addicted to a healthy lifestyle with a fit body and mind, you will fall in love with yourself all over again!!