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One of the most reputed brand Galaxy healthcare is been in healthcare sector from last 15 years and recently it has been restructured as a Asterveda Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Its head office based in Chandigarh. Products of Asterveda Healthcare are globally available. We have 3 international branches i.e in India, Canada and United states. Asterveda is an ISO 9001:2015 and GMP certified company. We are highly & strictly acquiescent company.

Who we are

Asterveda Healthcare trusted name in the sector of healthcare. We established this healthcare company 15 years back. This company was on the name of Galaxy Healthcare previously. At present Galaxy Healthcare is renamed as Asterveda Healthcare Pvt Ltd. It is our solemn belief that every individual has a right to lead a healthy and pleasant life. Our products are globally available. We have three branches i.e in India, Canada and United states.

As an ISO 9001:2015 company, we have always strived to be customer-centric and a leader in the global market. We have a very strong embrace in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Herbal and Allopathic ingredients. We have been supplying Medicine and Supplements to some of the major Hospital in India with over 1,900 doctors and 2 major and 65 small hospitals. Asterveda have supporting team of 35 highly qualified and experienced doctors in our panel who are conducting clinical study on Cancer Patient from last 3 years.

Recently Dr. Barrie Tan the great researcher has did study on tocotrienols. EAnnatto tocotrienols has been observed to exhibit anti-cancer activity against all type of cancer cells. Similarly vital vitamins and minerals make our body stronger and healthier. Hence Livon Labs has introduced liposomal vitamins and supplements.

Livon Labs

Immune Tree

Qunol Product

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide best in class Healthcare services in wellness sector. Asterveda Healthcare aims to bring revolution in the field of Healthcare by continuous Developing and Providing world class products in India and North America. Our Research & Development team is our back bone, which works by identifying and creating product.

Asterveda Healthcare Vision is to Bring the best of the World.


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Why Choose Asterveda Healthcare ?

Quality is our habit

We have carved a niche for ourselves in the pharmaceutical market space by consistently delivering quality products in the Indian as well as the international market.

Modern Services

Our R&D and Marketing teams are coordinating regularly and we adopt the modern technology to improve overselves to meet out, and customize product

Qualified Team

We are supported by a strong R&D, and vigil on updating the modern scientific technique and keep abreasting of R&D expert panel to maintain the standards of our end points

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