Bio-Qunol Ubiquinol (CoQ10) Supplement with 50mg GG gold - 100mg - 60

Bio-Qunol Ubiquinol (CoQ10) Supplement with 50mg GG gold - 100mg - 60

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Why this product
  • Ubiquinol Plus: The reduced form of Coenzyme Q10, known as ubiquinol, is a key element for healthy aging and a groundbreaking companion for statin users. It acts as an antioxidant and is naturally produced by our bodies. It is the primary component of Bio Qunol
  • Activates CoQ10 Production: Bio Qunol stands out by boosting the body's natural production of CoQ10 through the GG molecule. GG is a vital building block of CoQ10 and is incorporated into the metabolic process that generates energy
  • Enhances Absorption: Bio-Qunol combines ubiquinol with GG, a natural solubilizer that helps increase the absorption of ubiquinol, the active form of CoQ10. This is important because the regular form of CoQ10 has lower absorption due to its nature, but the GG solubilizer prevents the reformation of ubiquinol, keeping it easily absorbed
What makes it good
  • Supports Muscle Health: GG is not only a building block for CoQ10 but also plays a crucial role in the production of proteins that are necessary for building and maintaining skeletal muscle. In experiments where both GG and CoQ10 were depleted, only GG was able to promote muscle health and function, preventing muscle damage
  • Supports Statin Users: Statin drugs lower cholesterol levels but also unintentionally reduce CoQ10 production. Bio-Qunol with GG helps increase CoQ10 production, making it a beneficial supplement for statin users. It provides additional health benefits alongside cholesterol management
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