DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide): The Best Choice for Pain Relief

DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) 99.99% Pure Pharma Grade 100ML

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Why this product


About DMSO

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a therapeutic chemical formulation. It can be used  only on prescription for medical use and as a dietary supplement. It was first discovered in Germany as a by-product of paper synthesis. DMSO is a colorless liquid with huge capability to pass through the skin and biological membranes. After that, it was bought under therapeutic focus for pain relief purposes. It can be taken in any form i.e. orally, applied to the skin (used topically), or injected into the veins (used intravenously or by IV).One can go for retail or online DMSO purchase to avail its therapeutic benefits.


About AsterVeda's DMSO

This is DMSO 99.995% pure pharma grade (USP) preparation with no preservatives or added chemicals. Our product is 100% natural as it is manufactured using tree extracts. It is available in glass bottle packaging with zero heavy metal contamination and harmful additives. AsterVeda’s DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is intended to be served as a solvent only. The choice of purpose and administration method is the sole responsibility of the user. 

What makes it good


Health Benefits

  • DMSO for pain

This product may help to relieve the pain in following conditions:

  • Wounds, burns, and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Various inflammatory conditions
  • Headache, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, 
  • Pain due to shingles
  • Facial pain specifically tic douloureux
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Pain due to drug leakage from the vein into the surrounding tissue (extravasation)


  • DMSO for bladder

It is also effective for the treatment of inflammatory bladder conditions like interstitial cystitis. Washing the bladder with DMSO helps in reducing pain symptoms.


  • DMSO for skin

It may help to fasten up the healing for skin/tissue damage caused by:

  • Chemo drugs leakage during Intravenous infusions
  • Scleroderma


  • One use DMSO for toe fungus relief as adjunctive therapy

Technology Benefits

AsterVeda DMSO being 99.995% pure delivers huge potential to pass through the skin and biological membranes thereby providing instant and deep pain relief. Furthermore, it helps other medicines also to penetrate skin better and effectively reach underlying proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and water in the body. This makes DMSO liquid preparation stand superior to others and can be the perfect solution for if you are searching for the best DMSO online.


What makes it better


Supplement Facts

  • Composition & Nutrient Content
  • Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) -  99.995%
  • *No additives & water.

Special Features 

  • 99.995% Pure Pharma Grade (USP) 
  • Made in USA
  • 100% Natural 
  • Glass bottle packing
  • 3rd Party Certified
  • USA Manufactured
  • Zero Heavy Metals


How to use


  • For internal & external use.

How to store

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight and away from children.

   *These statements are not FDA evaluated to prevent, diagnose or cure any disease.



" Asterveda DMSO is the best high quality DMSO manufactured by DMSO Store. I love this stuff. Strength and quality is world class. It is even spill proof with a dropper in the bottle top. I use it for headaches, sinus infections, joint pains and general body aches and pains. Used internally or externally, DMSO has the potential for so much more. DMSO is truly natures healer and cure all. No household should be without it. DMSO is my first go to medicine at home, in an emergency or at the hospital. "

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