Qunol: An Identity of High Quality Supplements

Know More About Qunol

Qunol is working with the motive of bringing the nutrition supplements to the customers which possess huge absorption tendencies. Qunol has landed in the nutraceutical market with the core value proposition of maximized absorption and high quality coenzyme q10 supplements.The company firmly believes that the efficacy of a supplement lies in its absorption in the gut not in its intake. Supplement intake is futile until it is not appropriately absorbed and assimilated in the body. 


Why Qunol?

Qunol holds the topmost position globally when it comes to the manufacturing of top quality supplements like premium quality CoQ10. Even the company’s name “Qunol” originated from the most functional antioxidant form of CQ10 i.e. Ubiquinol. The hidden fact behind the superior absorption of Qunol products is their dual fat and water soluble nature. It deals in uniquely specialized turmeric, immunity boosters and omega-3 supplements in addition to Qunol CQ10. It possesses extraordinary antioxidant properties and also enhances heart health. Moreover, it is best recommended CoQ10 by cardiologists. Qunol is a globally acknowledged brand of best supplement for nutrient absorption.


Qunol for  Health

When it comes to Qunol, no other product can beat its manufacturing uniqueness, quality and therapeutic competency. It offers the brilliant ubiquinol antioxidant product named “Qunol CoQ10 ''. It potentially restores the heart health and helps in replenishing the lost CoQ10 levels. Additionally, it is absorbed maximally in the body and is the best CoQ10 as per cardiologists recommendations. 

The Qunol’s Extra Strength Turmeric Curcumin Complex is formulated with most advanced “Water Dispersion Technology” which supports in its best absorption in the body. Such absorption levels are unmatchable when compared to that of regular turmeric supplements

The Qunol Immune Support is the most amazing immunity booster supplement. It is synthesized using a patented formula of Vitamin C and Zinc. Moreover, the addition of herbs, botanicals and minerals of huge medicinal excellence enhance its superiority. 

Last but not the least, Qunol Omega-3 softgels enclose the unique and advanced therapeutic specialities as it is synthesized from the best and ultra purified fish oils which are extracted from the fresh small wild fishes. The added lemon flavour efficiently diminishes fishy aftertaste.