Vitamin D has many important functions in the body and is important in maintaining overall health. It also helps brain function, contributes to strong bones, and aids in fighting infection. The body uses vitamin D to regulate the amount of calcium in the bloodstream.
Vitamin D is essential for the body to absorb calcium from foods. Without adequate vitamin D levels, the body takes calcium from the bones, weakening them and preventing new bone from being formed. Calcium is critical for many body processes, including proper function of the heart, nerves, and muscles as well as blood clotting. Most people do not get the amount of calcium they need to maintain healthy bones.
Other people who have vitamin D deficiency may not notice any symptoms. People with a severe vitamin D deficiency can have symptoms like bone pain, weakness, and frequent infections. Other symptoms can include gum disease and frequent fractures of the bones.
Most vitamin D in American diets comes from fortified foods (food to which vitamin D has been added, such as milk). Fatty fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon are among the foods naturally highest in vitamin D. Mushrooms also have some natural vitamin D content. In addition to milk, other foods to which vitamin D is typically added include breakfast cereals and some types of orange juice and yogurt.
We recommend you to take the product on an empty stomach, because it will get into the bloodstream faster. However, you can take it with food or after a meal.
You don't want it to dissolve! The lack of solubility gives the product quick and easy access to the bloodstream. It also allows liposomes to slip across cell membranes to quickly and safely transport nutrients, to their intended destination.
Whatever works! To your health!
We get that a lot. We keep the products as clean as possible. That means: no added sugar, no fillers, and no artificial colors or flavors. If you really don't like the taste, what you can do is squeeze the product into 1-3 ounces of your favorite cool beverage.
Blending the products can harm the liposomes. And the liposomes are what really set Lypo-Spheric products apart! What you can do, is make your smoothie, enjoy it, and in the last 1 to 3 ounces, squeeze the Lypo-Spheric products into it, and take it like a shot.
The main reason to opt for Tocotrienol based Vitamin E is that it is not present in our regular diet unlike Tocopherol based Vitamin E. So, Tocopherol supplementation becomes futile and Tocotrienol supplementation becomes necessary. Moreover, shorter tails of Tocotrienol molecules make them more motile in comparison to static Tocopherols which add to their flexibility and velocity to cover larger target areas in a way better manner than Tocopherol molecules. When taken in equal quantities, Tocotrienols show better absorption, assimilation, bioavailability and 50x higher antioxidant ability than Tocopherols.
It has been proven that our regular diets can provide only 2mg Tocotrienols per day which constitutes only 1-2% of our daily Vitamin E demand. Hence, Tocotrienol supplementation is highly recommended.
Normal healthy being can consume 100-400mg of Tocotrienols per day for taking care of his/her cell wall integration maintenance. Even 600mg/day Tocotrienol dosage has been proven safe for consumption.
Since Tocotrienol is fat-soluble in nature, it is advised to consume it with meals for better absorption and functionality and avoid an empty stomach.
Always get your doctor's or healthcare professional's approval before taking any kind of supplements.
For mild chronic ailments, one should go for 300-450mg/day Delta Gold Tocotrienols. For advanced chronic ailments, 400-600mg/day Delta Gold Tocotrienol is effective. Various studies support 300-600mg/day consumption of Tocotrienols as the broad dose bracket for the majority of the ailments.
Undoubtedly, Annatto-based Delta Gold Tocotrienols are 100% natural and pure as they are extracted using solvent-free extraction methods from the rare annatto beans from the deep Amazon forests of South America.
No refrigeration is required for Tocotrienol storage. They are packed in soft gel capsules. Their shelf life at room temperature is 3 years.
Yes, Annatto Tocotrienol is better than full spectrum tocotrienols because it is tocopherol-free and this ensures that there will be no interference in tocotrienol functioning.
We recommend you to take the product on an empty stomach, because it will get into the bloodstream faster. However, you can take it with food or after a meal.
Alright, so Vitamin C: You know this one! Supports your immune system, great for your skin and collagen production and muscle recovery after normal exercise. B Complex is known for supporting cellular energy and maintaining healthy blood-sugar levels. It's also great for blocking Advanced Glycation End products that can build up in your skin. So many of us are difficient in B-vitamins these days. It's important to know that all our Lypo-Spheric products are vegan friendly. Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant. It recycles other antioxidants like vitamin C. It's also great for supporting your liver. Acetyl L-Carnatine is known for supporting cellular energy and optimizing brain health. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is known for improving insulin sensitivity and can help maintain healthy glucose levels.