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Raghu Choudhri
12 October, 2021, Delhi, India
Awesome Vitamin E! I have been taking Vitamin E for 5 years, which was originally prescribed by a doctor for a specific female health problem. I felt E was helping a little for those first 5 years. I recently switched to this brand of E and within two weeks I saw and felt a dramatic improvement in my skin, eye health and general feeling of well-being. I recommend this Vitamin E! I will not be without it!


29 September, 2021, Delhi, India
I truly appreciate your professionalism (quick response time and attention to detail). I will always make my health purchases from your website.
Anad Prakash
27 July, 2021, Karnataka, India
International product now made available in India, thanks to Amazon and Asterveda. Value for money, excellent medicine for Cancer patients. We are using it for the past one week and the results are quite encouraging. Strongly recommended for cancer patients for speedy recovery results.
17 May, 2021, Karnataka, India
I truly believe this product helped greatly in curing my wife's flu and pneumonia. We tried three different colloidal silver while she was majorly sick. While the doctor did put her on antibiotics, she did not start to improve until she started taking this product. She took it four times a day at 3tsp per dose and improved quite rapidly after beginning it. Even as she felt better she finished the entire bottle to assure that she'd gotten all she could from it to end her sickness. And to top it all off, the antibiotics weren't allowed to do such a big number on her body like they normally would. Usually antibiotics would affect her gut and other organs for a month after ending them. I strongly recommend this product.