Geranylgeraniol (GG) GG Essentials Best Vitamin K2 Supplement | Annatto Extract for Bone Health

GG Essential | Annatto Derived Dietary Supplement | Cardiovascular Support For Statin Users

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Why this product


About Geranylgeraniol

GG or Geranylgeraniol is a compound produced in the human body. It is synthesized via mevalonate pathway which is a biochemical process for Cholesterol and CoQ10 synthesis. The Annatto plant also known as the ‘lipstick plant’ is the most common source of GG and is used commonly as a food coloring agent. This plant is enriched with abundant therapeutic benefits and has been in usage since ancient times. It is also the best known plant-based source of Vitamin E Tocotrienols. One can go for retail or online GG purchase to avail its therapeutic benefits.

GG Essential

GG Essential is a GG supplement extracted from the Amazonian plant named Annatto (Bixa orellana) using solvent and chemical free technology. Dr. Barrie Tan, a well known researcher, is behind such an amazing technology. This makes GG Gold the best geranylgeraniol supplement, therefore stands superior among its competitors in the market.


What makes it good


GG Essential Benefits GG Essential Natural Supplement

Health Benefits

  • Best supplement for heart health

Geranylgeraniol is essential for COQ10  and cholesterol synthesis which is required for cellular energy generation. In addition to cardiovascular health (heart health) promotion it can also be consumed as an energy boosting supplement for adults.

  • Lowers Statin Side Effects

The common side effects of long term statin treatment is muscle pain and weakness. GG Gold helps to revive and nourish muscle cells by  improving the protein prenylation process.

  • Supports Healthy Ageing

GG Essential acts as an energy booster supplement for adults by optimizing the levels of GG in the body. Therefore, increased cellular energy demand can be met while ageing.

  • Enriched with Essential Vitamins

Being enriched with Vitamin K2 and Mk4, GG helps to optimally transport calcium to bones and teeth without excessive deposition in other tissues and joints.  Therefore, it  helps in preventing early degeneration.

  • Balances Hormones

Geranylgeraniol helps in testosterone synthesis that gradually declines with increasing age. It is a natural testosterone booster with Taurine that acts as an anti-ageing supplement. 


Technology Benefits

Our product is tocopherol free non-GMO plant based GG supplement is extracted from rare annatto beans using chemical and solvent free method of extraction. It is available in soft gels which prevents its degradation due to exposure to sunlight and heat. This makes our natural geranylgeraniol superior to regular GG capsules & GG tablets available in the market.



What makes it better


Supplement Facts
Composition and Nutrient Content (Serving size - 1 softgel)

Trans-Geranylgeraniol (as GG Gold*) - 150mg
*Registered Trademark of American River Nutrition

Free of

Dairy, soy, gluten, tocopherol

Special Features 

  • Non-GMO
  • Made in USA
  • Gluten free
  • Tocopherol free
  • Annatto based GG
  • 100% Natural and plant-based
How to use


  • 1 soft gel  of this GG supplement daily or as directed by your healthcare provider. 
  • Ideally consumed with meals as it is a lipid-soluble supplement. 

How to store

  • Store in cool and dark place
  • Keep out of reach of children
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Tocotrienols have a positive effect on our health.
1. They carry anticancer properties with them
2. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
3. Lowers cholesterol levels
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