15 Feb 2022

What makes colloidal silver desirable?

Colloidal form of silver is a single remedy for multiple miraculous health benefits. It is the most chosen mineral for oligotherapy which is a natural healthcare approach using trace elements to restore the body's health and fight the agents that can cause damage to our body. This is because of its superb antimicrobial capability. 

How much colloidal silver should be consumed in a day?

The following dosage is recommended for best health benefits:

  • Adults: 1ml up to 3 times daily.
  • Children: ¼ to ½ ml once daily.

One should prefer to consume it empty stomach for best results. It is the most desired silver supplement due to the below-mentioned competencies:

  • It can kill a broad spectrum of bacteria and can be used topically to prevent infections of wounds and skin.
  • Because of its antiviral activity, it can be used to prevent various viral multiplications.
  • Its antifungal action makes it a reliable topical antifungal applicant.
  • By promoting skin and soft tissue repair, silver in colloidal form speeds up the body's recovery and healing abilities. 
  • It helps in strengthening the immune responses of our body towards various disease-causing agents.
  • This form of silver also promotes gut cleansing.
  • Colloidal silver intake also aids in preventing flu, herpes, and various types of cancer.
  • It helps in rapid recovery from shingles.

What are the forms and doses of colloidal silver?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a set dosing chart refers to daily silver usage which can be topical, oral, or environmental and should not exceed beyond 5 micrograms per every kilogram of the user’s weight. However, its usage as per recommendations for a mentioned therapeutic purpose does not do any kind of harm. 

How does colloidal silver act? By killing the bacteria or stopping it from multiplying?

The mode of action of colloidal silver is bactericidal, that is it kills the bacteria. Its molecules bind to bacterial cell wall proteins and consequently damage their cell membranes. Afterward, silver ions enter the bacterial cells and disturb the bacterial metabolic activity and damage its DNA, thereby, causing bacterial death.

How have silver supplements been used till date?

For centuries, silver has been one of the most desirable purification agents used for water or wounds. Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians recognised it as an essential element of the body from the 4th century BC for strengthening their immune system.

Even the Hippocrates who is known as “father of medicine” also appreciated silver for its super tissue repairing and wound healing therapeutic abilities in his hand written medical texts. Moreover, this metal has remained the most opted agent for antimicrobial actions in the body way before the discovery of antibiotics.

In America, silver coins were usually dropped in drinkable water sources like wells to enhance the capability of water to provide  protection against various water borne diseases. Furthermore, in the 1930s, Colloidal silver became the mineral of choice among well-known physicians who used it for enhancing the immune responses and innate healing capabilities of their patients.

However, silver is naturally present in whole grains, milk, mushrooms, spring water, tap or sea water. People prefer to bring spring water to their homes because of its rich medicinal capabilities that are enhanced due to the presence of silver in it. In fact, in India, people, based on their affordability, prefer to eat and drink in silver utensils to get benefit of this metal in their body.