Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver: The Best Immunity Boosting Mineral 50ML

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Why this product


Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibacterial mineral which is specifically used for bactericidal purposes specifically as topical wound dressing material. It is a silver based therapeutic preparation which involves suspension of microscopic silver particles in purified/deionized water to create an electric surcharge. So, such a preparation enables silver to be used internally or externally. It is very commonly used as a silver supplement for rapid wound healing and enhanced immunity. One can go for retail or online colloidal silver purchase to avail its therapeutic benefits.

AsterVeda's Colloidal Silver

This is a 100% natural liquid colloidal silver with high antimicrobial and immunity boosting potential. It is prepared with suspended silver particles of huge therapeutic potential. It is an all-natural dietary supplement and safe to consume. You may take it orally for infections, or apply it on cuts, burns, skin fungus, nail fungus, rashes, sunburn, and wounds for fast relief. This silver supplement can be the perfect solution for if you are searching for the best colloidal silver online.

What makes it good


Let's see what is colloidal silver good for

Health Benefits

  • You may use colloidal Silver for wound healing as dressing material because of its following characteristics:
    • Antibacterial: It can kill a wide variety of bacteria. It is used in some healthcare products like wound creams, wound dressings and medical equipment.
    • Antiviral: It also has antiviral capabilities. Different types of silver particles may help to kill viruses.
    • Antifungal: Colloidal silver can be used as a disinfectant. It is capable of treating fungal infections. It is a reliable topical antifungal agent.


It potentially encourages skin and soft tissue repair in the body. Furthermore, it improves the body's recovering and healing powers by subsiding swellings and promoting cell recovery in wounds, injuries, and rashes on topical application without causing itching. It helps in recovering from skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis, and ringworm infection. 


  • Colloidal silver for immune support:

Colloidal silver can be the best supplement for immunity as it helps in enhancing the body's capability to fight infections by stimulating and strengthening various body’s immune responses.


  • It also helps in following functions:
    • Gut cleansing
    • Treating fungal/viral/bacterial infections
    • Flu prevention
    • Recovering from shingles
    • Prevention from herpes infection
    • Preventing certain types of cancer

Technology Benefits

AsterVeda’s Colloidal Silver is manufactured using a perfect concentration of 30 PPM colloidal silver that supports the best antimicrobial and bactericidal action with effective absorption. 

It is based on the technology of suspending microscopic silver particles in purified/deionized water creating an electric surcharge which results in the formation of a multivalent silver oxide layer. Because of which our silver supplement qualifies for multiple modes of action unlike regular colloidal silver supplements which act via single mode only.

Various studies suggest that colloidal silver molecules get attached to the proteins on the cell walls of bacteria and consequently damage their cell membranes.Therefore, silver ions enter the bacterial cells and and interfere with the bacterial metabolic activity and damage their DNA, causing bacterial death.


What makes it better


  Supplement Facts
  Composition & Nutrient Content

     1ml   50ml
  Purified Silver 150 mcg   30 PPM
  Other: Deionized Water
  *No artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives

Special Features 

  • Non GMO
  • Gluten free
  • 100% Natural liquid
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Family safe
  • Clinically proven
How to use


  • Adults: 1ml up to 3 times daily
  • Children’s: ¼ to ½ ml once daily
  • Consult the healthcare professional if pregnant or lactating before taking any silver supplement

How to store

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight and away from children.

   *These statements are not FDA evaluated to prevent, diagnose or cure any disease.

Ask A Question


A lot of patients lauded colloidal silver as a miraculous element that cured them when the rest of the things fail to do so. But the matter of fact is that if someone is intolerant to silver or is on any prescription medication must go for prior medical consultation for consuming it. Moreover, the benefits of its consumption overweigh the health hazards related to it. The word of caution is that one must avoid its over consumption.
This product has antibacterial properties still we don't recommend using it as an eye drop without consultation with a doctor.
Colloidal silver is often used for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity. It comes in many forms, including topical solutions, nasal sprays, liquid solutions to be taken by mouth or used in the eyes, and intravenous formulations. Most commonly, colloidal silver is ingested or applied to the skin topically. Make sure to follow the instructions on your product label as products vary in strength and use cases.
Silver is toxic to germs and has been shown to have the ability to destroy over 650 microorganisms including bacteria, fungus and even some viruses. Current scientific research suggests that the silver nanoparticles work by sticking to microbial cells. Once attached they penetrate the cell wall and disrupt the bacteria’s ability to function. The strength of a colloidal silver solution depends on several factors including the size, shape, quantity and charge of the silver particles.
It is also safe to take colloidal silver and antibiotics at the same time. There is no conclusive evidence to show considerable risks when taking both together. It’s also safe to take coated colloidal silver and probiotics.
Colloidal silver has antimicrobial properties. Also known as Nano-silver, it has been shown to have negative effects on harmful microorganisms. Colloidal silver can kill bacteria, but also viruses and some strains of fungi.
Silver is not stored in sufficient amounts in the body and even in other organisms since both take in silver in different ways, regardless of dose.
YES! Colloidal Silver is a POWERFUL and 100% natural antiseptic and antimicrobial substance. It is highly effective for safe domestic household use. Simply, spray on all work surfaces, soft furnishings etc. It is really effective in the control of allergens - simply spray bedlinen with Colloidal Silver and allow it to air dry. Colloidal Silver is incredibly effective in the prevention of spreading cold and flu pathogens around the household. Properly made Colloidal Silver is natural and perfectly safe.
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