01 Jan 2022

How can Tocotrienols help?

Earlier, heart attack was a term that would primarily fear the older adults only as it was too rare to happen in the age less than 40. These days, 1 in 5 heart attack patients are not even 40 years old. Rising early age heart attack rates is on the crest of the most worrisome health issues in today’s scenario. The more troubling fact is that getting a heart attack in the age group of 20-35 years is becoming more common than before. The statistics of 2000-2016 say that the incidence rate of heart attacks has increased by 2% each year in youngsters. Moreover, the risk of fatality is equally associated with this early age health tragedy as that in old age.

Why is it Happening More in the Younger Age Group?

Youth of this era is diverting more towards a very poor and unhealthy lifestyle. Late night partying, drinking alcohol, smoking, mental stress, untimely meals, unhealthy diet and drug abuse is very common these days especially among youngsters. These factors ultimately are invites to very serious heart ailments and heart attacks at a young age. Prolonged substance abuse is the major cause of ultimate heart attacks in the young population. 

What Increases Your Proninity to an Early Age Heart Attack?

The prime cause behind the heart attack is the occlusion/blockage of the blood vessel which supplies blood to the heart muscles a.k.a. cardiac muscles. After this, the heart stops functioning leading to Cardiac arrest i.e. heart inactivity. The heart muscles starve due lack of oxygen leading to the person’s sudden demise consequently. The reason behind the blockage of blood vessels is the formation of blood clots or accumulation of fat mass in the vessel lumen.

Role of Diabetes Behind Early Age Heart Attack

The sedentary lifestyle and hereditary predominance has brought youth of today’s world very close to diabetes and similar disorders. Furthermore, it is no more a lesser known fact that a diabetic is 2-4 times more prone to die of a heart disease in comparison to a non diabetic individual. This condition develops when the body becomes unable to keep our blood sugar within a healthy range. The uncontrollable high blood sugar levels cause damage to our blood vessels. Therefore, fats or blood clots start getting deposited in them, restricting the normal blood flow and causing heart problems consequently. 

Link Between High Pressure And Heart Attack in Young Age

It won't be wrong to call today’s generation “a junk food generation”. These days, youngsters are too habitual of having fat rich junk diets. Because of these dietary habits people are developing issues of obesity and abnormally raised blood cholesterol, thereby causing high blood pressure problems in very early ages.  High blood pressure causes thickening of your heart muscles thereby harming your normal blood flow and resulting in an inevitable heart attack.

Play of Vaping Tobacco and Substance Abuse Behind Heart Attacks

The top risk factor behind increasing heart attacks in youth is smoking tobacco. Vaping is one of the worst fashion trends among youth. It begins just for the sake of a friend's company at first and ends up taking the person to the ICU later. The risk of getting a fatal heart attack is directly proportional to your vapes. This is because nicotine or other toxic agents that you inhale along with cigarette smoke raise your blood pressure abnormally and increase the risk of getting a fatal blow of heart attack. On the other hand, drugs like Cocaine also raise your heart rate and blood pressure badly, increasing your risk of heart dysfunctioning.

Heart Attack After COVID-19

Various studies indicate that COVID-19 may damage heart muscles. The high inflammation can be the cause behind such damage. This damage becomes more severe if the person is having pre-existing heart disease. If a person suffers any symptom of heart dysfunction after COVID 19 incidence, he or she must reach out to the concerned medical speciality immediately.

How to Tackle a Heart Attack Emergency?

Know the symptoms to manage a heart attack appropriately. The common symptoms that characterize a heart attack are:

  • Chest pain or discomfort in the left shoulder
  • Lower Jaw pain and neck stiffness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating, nausea, or light headache
  • Anxiety, dizziness and fatigue

A heart attack requires immediate hospital admission. However, you must be aware of what to  do if someone gets a heart attack in front of you:

  • Make the person sit in a resting posture
  • Loosen the clothing and maintain good airway
  • Call an ambulance immediately
  • For an unresponsive sufferer, give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or give manual chest compressions
  • If the individual is already a heart patient, then give him/her the right medication immediately

How Vitamin E Tocotrienols are Good for the Heart?

Adapting to Mother Nature’s healing therapies is the best remedy to get rid of an unhealthy heart. Tocotrienol is nature's hidden secret which possesses huge medicinal value for the health of our hearts. There are two forms of Vitamin E namely Tocotrienol and Tocopherol. Out of these two, Tocotrienol is known to possess superior health value to maintain a healthy heart. Tocotrienol has remained as an underrated vitamin of huge and exceptional medicinal value. It helps in declination of bad cholesterol (Low Density Cholesterol) by 20% and enhancing health of heart and blood vessels. 

As we know that raised cholesterol is the main culprit behind heart failure issues. Tocotrienol contributes to inhibiting certain catalyst enzyme activity in cholesterol synthesis. In this way it helps in controlling the blood cholesterol levels very efficiently. It has huge antioxidant capability which very effectively helps in maintaining the health of heart cells and blood vessel cells. Tocotrienol does this by supporting neutralization of free radicals  in the most efficient way and preventing cell damage.

After extensive research for the most effective Tocotrienols in the market, I came across  Eannatto Tocotrienol 125mg and Eannatto Tocotrienols 400mg. As they possess the highest quality vitamin E form, one can prefer them to prevent health damages like early age heart attack naturally. Moreover, the presence of 90% Delta Tocotrienol makes them superior among the range of Vitamin E supplements available in the market.

Preventing A Early Age Heart Attack

Undoubtedly, most of the heart attacks are preventable. It is very apt to say “Prevention is better than Cure”. One must adopt regular exercising and healthy dietary habits in his/her lifestyle. Avoiding substance abuse, alcohol, smoking and mental stress is a key to healthy living and a healthy heart. Anyone who is diabetic or high blood pressure patient must keep his/her blood sugar and cholesterol under strict control. Furthermore, one should adopt healthy dietary habits and take complete nutrition for a better heart health. 
In most of the cases, heart attacks occur silently without any warning and end everything in a single fatal blow. So, we are never too young to begin with a healthy life. Because having a sound body is its only cure. 


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