04 Jul 2022

“Do Tocotrienols Thin Your Blood?” Is this question ticking your mind!!! Well, if you are searching for an answer on Google for this question, you have landed up on the right page. The majority of us think that tocotrienols have side effects and act as a blood thinner. I know what you are thinking at this point. 

Blood thinning may cause internal or external bleeding which is considered a side effect of overconsumption of Tocotrienols Vitamin E. Well, the good news is that Vitamin E tocotrienol has the potential to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent the thickening of plaques which may block arteries and cause atherosclerosis. This is of great benefit for people struggling with high cholesterol levels or Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

This is truly an eye-opener. For more eye-opening insights about tocotrienols and blood thinning, keep reading. 

What Is Tocotrienol?

Tocotrienols are an important part of Vitamin E and it is the most potent antioxidant. Research says tocotrienol is more effective than tocopherol. If you are ingesting Vitamin E capsules for healthy cholesterol levels and not seeing the desired effects, it's time to take action. There are two ways in which you can gain the benefits of Vitamin E:

Check Your Supplements Fact

This is very important to check which kind of Vitamin E supplement you are consuming. This will give you a clear insight into what you are consuming in the right form. Check for fillers, content and prime ingredients in your Vitamin E supplement. 

Choose Tocotrienol Instead Of Tocopherol

Choosing the right form of potent Vitamin E can show better-desired results. Tocotrienols are the best form of Vitamin E and should be consumed regularly for better-desired results.  

These two actions can make a major difference in your health. It can help in reducing bad cholesterol and improving the good cholesterol in the body. 

According to research, tocotrienols have been reported to help in the following way- 

  • Improve lipid profiles 
  • Reduce atherosclerotic lesions 
  • Decrease blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin
  • Normalise blood pressure 
  • Inhibit adipogenesis 
  • Avoid metabolic syndrome 
  • Improve cardiac function 
  • Enhance liver function
  • Abdominal obesity 
  • Impaired glucose tolerance

All these functions are related to the flow of blood and the viscosity of blood. Yes, we can say that tocotrienols help improve blood flow and control blood pressure. With increased blood flow, the nutrient uptake and oxygen intake capacity increase in every cell. This enhances cellular function and prevents any cardiac and liver problems. 

Cardioprotection And Neuroprotective Effect Of Vitamin E Tocotrienols 

Tocotrienols are a crucial component of the entire spectrum of Vitamin E with their own unique properties and health benefits. Researchers have shown that tocotrienols can help with new artery formation and protect the brain with heart circuits. 

So, if Vitamin E contains all the tocopherol, you may not be getting the entire benefits of Vitamin E. Scientists have discovered that tocotrienols have valuable therapeutic benefits and preventive options for aging. Improving blood circulation and preventing ischemia required blood thinning to a certain extent. The best part is that Vitamin E tocotrienols are natural properties of blood thinning with no side effects.