16 May 2022

Am I eating a well-balanced meal? This question ticks in many people’s minds. Many of us consume a well-balanced diet through healthy meals and nutritious foods. But, we might still lack some essential nutrients in our lives. Stress, defective metabolism, and ageing are the major causes that hinder the absorption level of nutrients. In such cases, you need a supportive solution with dietary supplements. A dietary supplement is a must for everyone for a healthy life. 

Today, we will tell you all you need to know about dietary supplements for a healthy life. Starting a supplement for health can be a major step towards a healthy life.  

How To Choose The Best Dietary Supplement?

With the majority of products available in the healthcare industry, we often get confused about how to make the best pick when it comes to dietary supplements. A holistic approach to overall well-being with the best nutrients is the right healthcare solution. Do your research well to know all about the supplements. Make sure to choose an integrated supplement with all nutrients and vitamins. To meet the nutritional requirements, you can make your best pick by knowing all the benefits of the supplement. 

Let us tell you about the important benefits of dietary health supplements to help you make the best choice for your nutritional needs.

  1. Antioxidants 
  2. Anti-inflammatory 
  3. Anti-aging effects 
  4. Boosts digestive health 
  5. Boosts skin and hair health 
  6. Increase energy levels 
  7. Maintains hormonal balance 
  8. Boosts immunity levels 
  9. Reduces stress 
  10. Maintains healthy functioning of the body

These are the best benefits you must look out for in your supplement. Just popping supplements is not enough. Absorption of the supplement is equally important which will help you yield the benefits and reap them to make the most out of it. Let us take a look at every benefit of food dietary supplements and how it works at the antioxidant's internal level to keep the body functioning at optimum levels. 

  • Anti-inflammatory 

Dietary supplements are rich in antioxidants which have the potential to neutralise and nullify the effects of oxidants. Oxidants are nothing but harmful free radicals formed due to oxidative stress. This oxidative stress has a negative effect on the body. Neutralising these oxidants is very essential for optimum body functioning. A supplement rich in antioxidants is the only way out of this. Let us not forget that metabolism of the food is a natural process and metabolites and by-products of metabolism are bound to give rise to oxidants. You need an external supply of antioxidants to overcome this. 

  • Anti-ageing effects 

Ageing is a normal process. Ageing gracefully is important. No medicine can reverse the ageing process. But, with dietary supplements, you can delay ageing and bring about a youthful glow. To some extent, specific health supplements for skin and hair can help in restoring a youthful appearance. Starting with the supplement early is a great idea to combat ageing. 

  • Boosts digestive health 

Your metabolism is very important for your health. A healthy metabolism helps in good immunity and keeps your defensive system strong. Whatever we eat like carbohydrates, proteins and fats must be metabolised well in the body to increase our energy levels and productivity in life. Metabolism is the power to convert food into energy. Liver and gut-healthy work in collaboration to give you a healthy body. Dietary supplements are exclusively formulated to help in proper metabolism, digestion, and assimilation of nutrients to give a good energy supply. 

  • Boosts skin and hair health 

Skin and hair are last to receive any nutrients. All the nutrients are first utilised by the body to meet its requirements and demands. A person with healthy glowing skin and strong shiny hair without makeup, of course, is considered super healthy. Taking a dietary health supplement can help the body to meet its additional requirements and provide a boost for skin and hair health. 

  • Increase energy levels 

Energy levels are very important for daily activities. If you don't have enough energy, you may feel lazy and tired all the time. By energy, we do not mean just working out in the gym to lift weights and do exercise. By energy here, we mean mental alertness and physical ability to work throughout the day and be productive. The dietary supplement helps increase energy.

  • Maintains hormonal balance 

Hormonal balance is very important for a healthy body. Your body produces hormones which are chemical messengers and help keep the balance in the body. Any disruption in your hormonal levels, may fluctuate the hormonal balance and disrupt the body's functioning. The main hormone here is the thyroid hormone which helps regulate healthy metabolism. Any disruption in thyroid functioning may directly affect the body. Dietary supplements can not only maintain thyroid hormone levels but also other hormones like male and female hormonal balance. 

  • Boosts immunity levels 

Your immune system is the body’s ability to fight. It consists of WBC which are White Blood Cells and act as soldiers in the body to fight infection. Keeping your immunity at its best will help the healthy functioning of the body and keep infections at bay. Consuming a dietary health supplement can help the defence mechanism in the body and avoid chronic infections. Supplements are also a great resort for people who have a strong genetic and family history of autoimmune disorders. 

  • Reduces stress 

Reducing stress and staying relaxed will help with your mental health. Stress is a major causative factor of many diseases. Reducing stress can help with better health not only mentally but physically too. When we are under stress, our body releases stress hormones also known as cortisol to help cope with stress. Too much cortisol release can cause chronic stress and fatigue. Dietary Supplements help in regulating the release of stress hormones and help in maintaining hormonal balance, mental balance, and physical balance.

  • Maintains healthy functioning of the body

Food dietary supplement effects and benefits do not just stop at the physical level. Consuming dietary supplements can help boost mental health too. This can help you be more confident. Boosting confidence and energy levels with a healthy body is a great idea for fitness. A holistic approach is a must for the healthy functioning of the body. Health supplements help in the complete well-being of the mind and body. 

Risk Of Consuming Dietary Supplements

  • Do not overdo it 
  • Consume dietary supplements for 90 days and give a break for 15 days and restart again 
  • Some supplements have no harm and can be consumed throughout their life to stay healthy 
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should seek a doctor’s advice before consumption of any supplement. 
  • Patients on blood thinners need to be careful before consumption of any supplement. 

Important Points To Note While Consuming Dietary Supplements To Avoid Any Risks

  • Consume it after food preferably after breakfast 
  • Make sure to take your supplement during day time as it can increase your energy level
  • Consume 3 litres of water 
  • Choose a high-absorbing supplement that is gut-friendly
  • Supplements should be consumed in powder, liquid, or capsule form for faster absorption.
  • Use top-quality and medically graded dietary supplements 
  • Incorporate all the micronutrients including vitamins and essential minerals in your supplement  
  • Make sure to couple up supplements with macronutrients like carbs, proteins and healthy fats in your diet. 

Now that you know the benefits, I am sure you will make the most out of your supplement. Check out your supplement labels and facts to make sure you are consuming all the nutrients from it. Do not forget a healthy diet, exercise, and dietary supplements which help you keep healthy. Also, include some botanical and plant-based extracts that can rejuvenate and revitalise your body from within.