AsterVeda’s Gal D3: The Most Effective Vitamin D3 Supplements

AsterVeda’s Gal D3: The Most Effective Vitamin D3 Supplements 20 Sachets

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Why this product


Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a unique vitamin that is naturally  produced in the skin in response to sunlight, therefore is also called “Sunshine Vitamin” .The general reference to vitamin D indicates Vitamin D2. Vitamin D2 and D3 are both widely used vitamin D supplements but are not the same. Vitamin D2 is ergocalciferol and it comes from plant-based sources whereas D3 vitamin comes from animal-based sources. Although, the recommended form of vitamin D is vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol.

Vitamin D (cholecalciferol-D3) is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the human body in absorbing calcium and phosphorus. The consumable preparations of cholecalciferol are actually the Vitamin D3 supplements. Having the right amount of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus is very important for building strong bones. Many research studies are focused on the relationship between various diseases and D3 vitamin levels in the body and have determined its vital role and effectiveness in managing them. One can go for retail or online vitamin D3 purchase to fulfill the need.

AsterVeda's GAL D3

Asterveda’s GAL D3 is formulated by a technology that has integrated Vitamin D3 of 60000 IU, which means it doesn’t get degraded in the gut before absorption. It is a highly potent Vitamin D3.
It helps your body in best absorption of calcium, which is one of the main building blocks of our bones. It is believed that people with higher Vitamin D3 levels have lower risk of cancer, cardiovascular,  neurological diseases, diabetes and many more medical ailments. This nutritional dietary supplement is specially formulated to help in satisfying nutritional deficiencies. Our Gal D3, a non-vegetarian dietary supplement, is free of gluten, fish, lactose, sugar, salt, colour or preservatives.
Various researches suggest that Vitamin D3 supplement may be significantly more effective at raising and maintaining overall vitamin D levels than D2. So, it's better to go for supplements like Asterveda Gal D3 than the regular vitamin D tablets and vitamin D capsules containing vitamin D2.

What makes it good



Vitamin D3

Health Benefits

  • Best Vitamin for bone and teeth strengthening

This is the most vital vitamin for calcium and phosphorus absorption in the blood and deposition of the same in bones/teeth. One may suffer from weak bones and teeth even if he/she is taking the right amount of calcium but not getting sufficient vitamin D. 

  • Increases body immunity against respiratory infections

It helps in enhancing the immune cell functioning, thereby regulating the immune response of the body. The deficiency of this vitamin may result in compromised ability to fight various infections.

  • Helps in elevating Vitamin D3 levels in brain and turn down the depression

Vitamin D helps in regulating brain function also because some studies indicate that vitamin D receptors are present in the same area of the brain which is responsible for mood and behaviour regulation.

  • Helps in losing extra body weight

As per studies, Vitamin D helps in suppressing appetite or hunger which may consequently help in weight loss due to reduction in calorie intake.

  • Promotes heart health
  • Enhances muscular strength
  • Prevents excessive hair loss

Technology Benefits

Asterveda’s GAL D3 is formulated using an advanced technology that has integrated 60000 IU strength in vitamin D3 granules. It provides you with high absorption Vitamin D. Because this high strength vitamin D supplement outsmarts the gut degradation and gets absorbed in the blood stream in high quantity. This makes it a highly potent Vitamin D3 supplement. Furthermore, it is available in strawberry flavor. Our Gal D3, a non-vegetarian dietary supplement, is free of gluten, fish, lactose, sugar, salt, colour or preservatives. These all characteristics make it the best vitamin D supplement available in the market.

What makes it better


Asterveda’s GAL D3

Special Features 

  • Gluten Free
  • Manufactured by WHO GMP certified company


How to use


  • Add one sachet to half a glass of milk or water then drink it once a day or as directed by a physician.

How to store

  • Keep the sachets away from direct sunlight and at a temperature not exceeding 30oC.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children.


Vitamin D3 Supplement


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Vitamin D has many important functions in the body and is important in maintaining overall health.

It also helps brain function, contributes to strong bones, and aids in fighting infection. The body uses vitamin D to regulate the amount of calcium in the bloodstream.
Vitamin D is essential for the body to absorb calcium from foods. Without adequate vitamin D levels, the body takes calcium from the bones, weakening them and preventing new bone from being formed. Calcium is critical for many body processes, including proper function of the heart, nerves, and muscles as well as blood clotting. Most people do not get the amount of calcium they need to maintain healthy bones.
Other people who have vitamin D deficiency may not notice any symptoms. People with a severe vitamin D deficiency can have symptoms like bone pain, weakness, and frequent infections. Other symptoms can include gum disease and frequent fractures of the bones.
Most vitamin D in American diets comes from fortified foods (food to which vitamin D has been added, such as milk). Fatty fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon are among the foods naturally highest in vitamin D. Mushrooms also have some natural vitamin D content. In addition to milk, other foods to which vitamin D is typically added include breakfast cereals and some types of orange juice and yogurt.
Cholecalciferol is vitamin D3. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. Cholecalciferol is used as a dietary supplement in people who do not get enough vitamin D in their diets to maintain adequate health.


" Helps boost the immune system and supports anti-inflammation with Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha and Curcumin.The best part of product it’s Vegan, soy-free, no preservatives, non-GMO "

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